How We Increased Our Team’s Effectiveness With LIFX Lightbulbs

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LIFX Lightbulbs

Part of our culture at Rushfaster is to focus on effectiveness. This is why we can operate with such a small close-knit team. Recently we’ve started looking at “the internet of things” to help us become more effective. As unlikely as it sounds, we realised that smart lighting could actually really help us achieve more from each day.

So, “The internet of things” is a major tech focus point right now, and for good reason — getting things connected to the internet is super cool, but, as it turns out, it’s also sometimes a bit gimmicky. The good news is that I think a lot of people are getting over the novelty of smart devices and are now ready to understand the new possibilities they open up for improving our lives. During this phase of TIOT I think we’ll see the rather ridiculous smart devices (think smart water bottles and spoons) fade away and the useful devices will be here to stay. Useful devices like LIFX lightbulbs.

A LIFX bulb is an LED bulb that’s connected to the net. It’s controlled by your phone, watch or light switch. You can turn the lights on and off, change the colour, effect and brightness. Neat. But the real power kicks in when you connect your new lights to IFTTT. IFTTT stands for “if this then that” so for example “IF you arrive home THEN your lights will turn on”. Super neat!

We put LIFX bulbs to the test to try to increase our effectiveness. To do this, we installed LIFX bulbs at work and at home. Then we set up some IFTTT recipes for automation. Now that we had our LIFXs set up, and our IFTTT on, here’s what we did…

LIFX Lightbulbs


Being effective starts from the moment you get up, and that’s exactly when LIFX kicks in. Instead of starting the day with an alarm, it’s super easy to now wake up with light… it mimics nature, and it’s a beautiful feeling. At 6.30 am we set our lights to fade on over 15 minutes with sunrise hues. These lights are mighty powerful and when they’re sitting right next to your bed, they make the best start to the day as the light starts sending a message to your body that it’s time to wake up. To make this even more blissful, we also used IFTTT to turn on our Sonos. You haven’t experienced a wakeup sequence like this before.

Getting up early allows us to use our more productive hours of the day, whilst our brains are more alert. On top of this, you feel like you’re getting stuff done before everyone else — so you feel more pro-active.

In The Office

The environment you’re in makes a huge difference to your ability to be effective. For us, we need to create an environment that allows our team to knock tasks out. There are many things that we do to achieve this, but here are some of the main ways:

LIFX LightbulbsGreen light means business as usual.

  1. We minimise interruptions —  A big part of improving effectiveness is to minimise the interruptions that each team member receives daily. Did you know that every time you’re interrupted, it takes you another 5–10 minutes to get back into the task that you’re working on. So you only need a few interruptions to occur during an hour and you’ve lost half of it.
  2. Maximise team throughput during “magic hours” — We believe that there are key times of the day when we are most able to concentrate, we call those hours our ‘magic hours’. This is the time of day that everyone is fresh, alert and can push through their big project work. The magic hours at Rushfaster are between 9.30am and 12 midday each day.
  3. Magic hours + no interruptions = “focused work block” — When both these combine for a few hours, the effectiveness of our team skyrockets.

So to help support these values, we set up LIFX bulbs throughout the office so that they were clearly visible to everyone in the team. The purpose of these lights weren’t to light the room, rather it was to indicate when the team was in a focused work block. We set our LIFX to turn either green or red at certain times. Green means business as usual, Red means the whole team is in a focused work block — this means no interruptions, it’s time to just get stuff done.

LIFX LightbulbsRed lights mean we’re in a focused work block and we cannot interrupt other team members.

Every day at 9.30am the lights change from green to red via IFTTT, then they change from red to green at 12. That’s 2.5 hours of solid focused work and it makes such a difference to what everyone can achieve. It’s reduced overtime and stress whilst boosting output. This is huge for us, we love it!

LIFX Lightbulbs

In the evening

Although it doesn’t really increase our effectiveness, a really nice to have feature is setting up our lights to turn on when we arrive home. This is done via the GPS in our phones. As you get close, the lights start fading on and when you open the door everything is ready and waiting for you. This makes your house warm and welcoming, it makes you happy. It’s like mum’s home and she’s ready to make you dinner, although she’s not — but your lights are on.

You get used to this one quickly!

At night

Now this is all great in theory, but in order to keep this up, it’s really important you get enough sleep. The key to getting up early, and keeping this going, is getting to bed at the right time — this is usually where you break the chain.

To combat this, we set our lights to flash and start dimming at a certain time each night — the dimming sequence takes about 30 minutes which is about enough time to finish up and prepare for sleep. In the bedroom we set up a group of lights to set an environment designed to make us sleepy. The lighting is darker with warmer hues and the lights fade out slowly, representing a sunset. You can’t help but sleep.

LIFX Lightbulb

So… what happened?

Having ‘smart’ internet connected devices at home is pretty fun, but using them to solve real problems is where the money really pays off. We found that once we got used to this system, we saw big increases in effectiveness, the team were happier because we were well rested and had block-out periods to just power through work. And when you get on a roll of completing task after task after task, you get a great feeling of accomplishment and this spurs you on further. I don’t think we’ll be going back.

You wouldn’t think it, but a simple thing like connecting our lights to the internet made such a difference to our lives (work and home). When you think about the productivity improvements we’ve made, we’ve very quickly paid for the cost of the lights and we’re already reaping the benefits, all of us.

In fact, we liked it so much that we contacted the guys at LIFX to tell them how we were using it. We also arranged a special one-off discount for the Rushfaster community. If you want to set up something similar, you can save 30% off the standard price of each bulb if you click through to this special page. Enjoy.

Pimp My MacBook

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Pimp My MacBook

Apple’s universally recognised MacBook serves not only as a laptop, but rather a beautifully designed piece of machinery that features a sleek, minimal design that we’ve all come to know and love. 

Okay, okay, so it is just a laptop, but that’s not to say that your fine piece of machinery doesn’t need a bit of love every now and then. Plus, you’ve more than likely spent an extra $1000 on one of these bad boys versus buying a PC, so why stop now? Without further ado, check out our top MacBook specific products below and start pimping out your MacBook.

Go on, your Mac deserves it.


Pimp My MacBook

1. The BookArc Stand by Twelve South | $79.95

Twelve South’s BookArc Stand is a meticulously crafted hardwood MacBook accessory that blurs the lines between furniture and technology. Inspired by the remarkable spaces many MacBook owners inhabit, this beautiful arc-shaped stand elevates your MacBook up off your desk for a clean workspace. Delivered in museum-quality packaging, this impressive stand looks more like a fixture for your home than an accessory for your Mac. BookArc Stand is compatible with all MacBooks

View the Twelve South BookArc Stand.


Pimp My MacBook

2. The MiniDrive Additional Data Storage by Nifty | $59.95

Adding storage space to a MacBook shouldn’t be complicated, but it can be. The MiniDrive is Nifty’s solution. It’s simple to use, non-destructive and lets you add up to 128GB of extra space to your MacBook. It also weighs next-to-nothing, fits snugly into your MacBook’s SD card slot and is pretty much invisible once plugged in.

View the Nifty MiniDrive Additional Data Storage.


Pimp My MacBook

3. The Kickflip Laptop Stand by Bluelounge | $24.95

The Bluelounge Kickflip elevates your laptop to a more ergonomic angle, relieving stress on your wrists. Its simple design allows it to fold into a more compact form, making it easy to store it while it’s attached to your laptop.

View the Bluelounge Kickflip Laptop Stand.


Pimp My MacBook

4. The iVisor Anti-Glare Screen Guard by Moshi | $69.95

Moshi’s iVisor Pro is the next-generation screen protector designed for Apple’s MacBook Pro 15″ Retina. Utilising Moshi’s proprietary technology, iVisor is the only screen protector on the market today that can guarantee a bubble-free installation in seconds. Its new multilayer coating ensures absolute clarity while reducing glare, effectively relieving eye strain. Best of all, iVisor Pro can be washed and re-applied repeatedly thanks to its new polymer adhesive.

View the Moshi iVisor Anti-Glare Screen Guard.


Pimp My MacBook

5. The MacBook Ghoststand by Twelve South | $44.95

The Twelve South GhostStand Desktop Platform is a MacBook stand that positions your notebook at a comfortable viewing height and is compatible with all MacBook models. The GhostStand is transparent and has a sleek, modern design that looks stylish on your desk. It is fitted with silicone rails that securely grip your notebook in place and protect your desk from marking. Pair the platform with a full-size keyboard and mouse to recreate desktop-style comfort with your MacBook.

View the Twelve South MacBook Ghoststand.



6. The Clearguard Keyboard Protector  by Moshi | $38.95

The ClearGuard Keyboard Protector from Moshi protects your keyboard from dust, scratches, spills, and other damage. Designed to be compatible with most Apple MacBooks from 13″ to 17″, including the current 13″ and 15″ MacBook Pro Retina as well as the 13″ MacBook Air. The ClearGuard’s super-thin keyboard protector provides high-tactile response, and is transparent so backlit keys can be seen clearly through it. The ClearGuard can be washed and reused, allowing you to protect your keyboard for a long time.

View the Moshi Clearguard Keyboard Protector.


Pimp My MacBook

7. The Lightning Belt Cable 1.2m by Native Union | $39.95

Native Union’s Belt Cable serves as a Lightning-to-USB charge/sync cable made from high-quality braided nylon. Featuring a leather belt for neat coiling when it’s not in use, the cable can be used to power and sync your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The Belt cable features a slim design, making it compatible with most cases. Neat, durable and tangle-free, the cable is perfect for those who need to carry a full-length cable day-to-day.

View the Native Union Lightning Belt Cable 1.2m.


Pimp My MacBook

8. The HiRise Adjustable Stand by Twelve South | $99.95

The Twelve South HiRise for MacBook is a beautifully designed stand that’s adjustable, so you can select just the right height for using your notebook as a desktop computer. HiRise has silicone lined, V-shaped arms that hold your MacBook like a tire gripping the road. The V-shaped arms also ensure maximum circulation of air around your MacBook.

View the Twelve South HiRise Adjustable Stand.


Pimp My MacBook

9. The Vertical Docking Station by Henge Docks | $184.95

Henge Dock’s Vertical Docking Station for the 13″ MacBook Pro with Retina Display allows users to get the best features of a laptop, desktop and media centre PC all from one computer, while simultaneously saving desk space. The sturdy construction lends stability to the dock and pre-installed extension cables allow for quick, easy set-up. The Vertical Docking Station for MacBook Pro with Retina Display saves you time and makes your life more efficient.

View the Henge Docks Vertical Docking Station.


Pimp My MacBook

10. The 13″ MacBook Sleeve by Mujjo | $109.95

This snug tailored Macbook Pro sleeve combines minimalism with long lasting elegant accents. Separate yourself from the masses by showing you know exactly what you’re talking about when it comes to style and the appreciation of high quality materials. Crafted by hand, this sleeve is made especially to fit the 13″ Apple Macbook Air or Pro with Retina Display. Also available for the MacBook 15″.

View the Mujjo 13″ MacBook Sleeve.

The Beginner’s Guide to Everyday Carry

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Beginner's Guide To Everyday Carry

As more and more people start adopting an “everyday carry” mindset to their daily essentials, carrying more than just their phone, wallet, and keys, they’re met with a common but simple question: Why?

In this primer to Everyday Carry, Managing Editor of and Co-Founder of, Bernard Capulong takes a step back and tries to answer some frequently asked questions about the everyday carry lifestyle! If you’ve seen those photos of neatly arranged pocket contents but still don’t quite “get” it, allow Bernard to fill you in.


Guide To Everyday Carry

What does the term Everyday Carry mean?

At the most literal level, your everyday carry (commonly initialised as EDC) is the collection of items you carry with you in your pockets or in your bag on a daily basis.

They’re the things you tap your pockets for before you head out the door, the things you feel naked without, and the things that would throw off your whole day if you had to do without them. They are especially valuable, and not just in a monetary or sentimental way. Your everyday carry is comprised of items that you find truly essential.

So this means things like pocket lint, scrunched up receipts, gum wrappers, and other disposables might live in your pocket (hopefully not for very long), but they don’t count as part of your everyday carry. Mainstays in your carry should have certain qualities that fall in line with a few different principles of the practice of everyday carry.

The everyday carry philosophy is built upon the cornerstones of utility and preparedness. Each component of your EDC should serve a purpose or have at least one specific, useful function.

Every day, your EDC essentials prepare you for the worst and empower you to do your best.


Beginner's Guide To Everyday Carry

What are the advantages of the Everyday Carry approach to my daily belongings?

What’s awesome is that at some level, everybody already has an everyday carry. But by thinking of what you keep in your pockets as your actual everyday carry system, you can enjoy a wealth of benefits:

Do more, better: By adding new tools, you have access to all sorts of new functions that make your life better or your day easier. Or, by taking an EDC approach to upgrading essentials you already use, you can maximise their performance and efficiency, giving you a better ‘in use’ experience overall.

Preparedness & self-reliance: Having these tools at the ready every day will not only equip you for most of your daily routine, but also for sometimes unexpected situations. Your EDC will help you make quick work of things you might otherwise need help doing.

Convenience: Sometimes you might not even need assistance to get things done, but rather you’d have to waste time trying to find the right tool you need. With a well-built EDC, you won’t have to dig through junk drawers, ask to borrow a pen, or give up on something and tell yourself you’ll bring that tool you needed next time. EDC items are convenient and make your life easier!

Long-term savings: If you invest in essentials that can withstand daily wear and perform up to your personal standards enough to make the cut of your EDC, you could potentially be saving in the long run. Opting for well-made, reliable, and durable goods means you won’t spend more to replace inexpensive, cheaply made, disposable items every few months. If you’ve already caught the EDC bug, you might know this isn’t true all the time. But many EDC goods achieve a balance of quality and value that reach “buy it for life” status, so you can buy once and get your money’s worth.

Personal expression: The individualisation of your EDC is arguably one of the most important aspects of the lifestyle. What you carry and use says so much about you, what you do, what your preferences are, and so on. It’s a great outlet for expression that you’ll recognise in truly unique carries. Refining your kit to reflect you as a person is one of the most fun reasons to look for new gear.


Beginner's Guide To Everyday Carry

What items are commonly found in an everyday carry?

There isn’t an all-in-one solution for all your daily essentials — you’ll have to develop a system of multiple items. You’re probably familiar with, if not already carrying, this first core of essentials. For most people, they step out the door after passing a three-touch pocket check of the following:

Phone: There’s no denying that modern smartphones allow us to do more than ever before. No other device can match the functionality and sheer versatility of a smartphone and still fit the palm of your hand. Through accomplishments in hardware alone, our smartphones reduce the need to carry a camera, watch, pen and paper, flashlight, and wallet, for many people. This is great for minimalists, but the rest of the world doesn’t operate entirely digitally. In many cases, there isn’t an app for that.

Wallet: Wallets keep our cards, IDs, cash, and other paper documents organised and nearby. The wallet itself might not be as important as what’s inside it, but it serves a critical purpose to protect these essential assets from damage and loss.

Keychain: Keys let us go places and secure what’s important to us. Keychains deserve a spot in your EDC because they keep your keys together and easy to use. Sure, they can be noisy, clunky, and difficult to manage, but most of us can’t live without them all the same.

Beyond this, many EDCers include this “trinity” of staple tools:


Beginner's Guide To Everyday Carry

Pen: Not everything is digitised just yet. And sometimes, writing with a pen beats tapping away with your thumbs at your phone. An EDC pen takes care of common workplace tasks like jotting notes, signing paperwork, or drawing out diagrams to explain something. Check out our guide on Why You Should Carry a Pen for even more reasons to keep ink close by.

Paper: What’s a great pen without something to write on? Soft cover pocket notebooks have been growing in popularity in the EDC community recently. Learn more about why you’d want to carry a notebook in our earlier Carry Smarter article!

Watch: Sure, you can keep track of time by checking your smartphone, but then you’d have to go through the trouble of pulling it out of your pocket. This can come off as rude, especially with company around. Dedicated watches are beautiful in their own right, but they also help you keep track of time without depending on short-term phone battery life, while always being one flick of the wrist away.


Continue reading ‘The Beginner’s Guide To Everyday Carry’ here.

Father’s Day Gift Guide

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Father's Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is just around the corner, so if you haven’t already thought about what you’re getting for Dad, now’s the time.

We’ve put together a Father’s Day Gift Guide to help you find the perfect gift for Dad this Father’s Day. Check out our top ten Father’s Day gift picks below.


Father's Day Gift Guide

1. The Travel Wallet by Bellroy | $139.95

The Travel Wallet enables you to keep all of your important documents in one place while fitting snugly in your pocket. With two note sections, a tailored passport pouch, card slots and even a handy pen, the only thing you need to worry about is making sure you get a window seat on the plane.

View the Bellroy Travel Wallet.


Father's Day Gift Guide

2. The Premium Leather Key Organiser  by OrbitKey | $39.95

OrbitKey’s Premium Leather Key Holder is made from genuine cowhide leather. This compact keyring uses a locking mechanism that holds your keys together eliminating any rattling and stopping them from ruining your pockets or the inside of your bag. OrbitKey is fully customisable and can hold not only keys, but also accessories such as the OrbitKey Bottle Opener and USB Keys (available in 8GB or 32GB).

View the OrbitKey Premium Leather Key Organiser.


Father's Day Gift Guide

3. The Travel Kit by Qwstion | $59.95

No need to panic and start digging through your pockets, just place all the important stuff in your Qwstion Travel Case for quick and easy access. With pockets for your plane tickets, passport, credit cards, currency, receipts, rental car keys, and more, it’s the team’s choice for staying organized on the road.

View the Qwstion Travel Kit.


Father's Day Gift Guide

4. The The 2000 Ballpoint Pen by Lamy | $99.95

Lamy Ballpoint Pen is for those who like simplicity with their quality: the convenience of push-button retraction and a long-lasting ink refill, in the LAMY M16 giant ballpoint pen refill. The award-winning LAMY 2000 is made of a combination of fibreglass and stainless steel – it has a silken, textured, almost organic feel. It has simple lines and the perfect weight and balance.

View the Lamy The 2000 Ballpoint Pen.


Father's Day Gift Guide

5. The One Bottle Opener by Tactica | $39.95

The Tactica One is a premium bottle opener lovingly designed and made in Melbourne by a team who are challenging themselves to inspire you with aesthetic re-imaginings of everyday tools and items. Made from a high tech material that would be equally home in military or aerospace application, Tactica One is an ultra-lite beer bottle opener that will make you feel at home again, and a perfect partner to that premium drink.

View the Tactica One Bottle Opener.


Father's Day Gift Guide

6. The Mesh Card  by Silo | $89.95

Crafted from Titanium with scratch resistant TiCN coating, the Mesh Card is built to last and includes a removable silicone band for holding cards and currency and a polycarbonate bumper card used to separate your RFID credit card from the Mesh Card to enable contactless transactions (disabling the RFID shield). Alternatively, the bumper card can be used as a top plate cover for your standalone wallet.

View the Silo Mesh Card.


Father's Day Gift Guide

7. The Key Caddy Organiser by Liquid Co. | $66.95

The slim and sleek design of Key Caddy from Liquid Co. instantly eliminates noisy key jingling as well as prevents your pocket linings from ripping by shielding away your jagged pointy keys. Extension posts (one set included) allows for an unlimited amount of keys/accessories to be held. Car remotes, key fobs, pendants or other accessories can be attached to the key ring attachment. Liquid Co’s Key Caddy is fully customisable and can hold not only keys, but also accessories such as the Liquid Co. Bottle Opener and USB Keys (available in 8GB, 16GB32GB and 64GB).

View the Liquid Co. Key Caddy Organiser.


Father's Day Gift Guide

8. The Hideaway Medium Cable Organiser by Bosign | $44.95

Bosign’s Medium Hideaway Cable Box tidily collects all chargers and hides cables for various electronic equipment such as smartphones, iPads and digital cameras so you can keep your workspace looking minimal and decluttered.

View the Bosign Hideaway Medium Cable Organiser.


Father's Day Gift Guide

9. The Note Sleeve Wallet by Bellroy | $99.95

Bellroy’s Note Sleeve is a full featured wallet with quick access for your frequent cards, longer term storage with pull tab access and a full size bill section with coin pocket integration. A beautiful example of modern carry design, the Note Sleeve is one of our favourite new products. Your 2 primary cards go in quick draw compartment, then a tab lets you get to your less frequently used cards. Your notes lay smoothly behind in a fully lined bill compartment. The result is a full size wallet without the bulk.

View the Bellroy Note Sleeve Wallet.


Father's Day Gift Guide

10. The 13″ MacBook Pro Sleeve by Knomo | $99.95

Knomo’s 13″ MacBook Pro Sleeve serves as a sleek and stylish laptop sleeve with a streamlined tapered design that fits your Pro perfectly, while protecting your MacBook from knocks and bumps.

View the Knomo 13″ MacBook Pro Sleeve.

5 Things To Consider When Buying A Camera Bag

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Chrome Advanced Tri DSLR Backpack

Finding the right camera bag for your needs can be as tough as getting the right composition for a photograph. There are a variety of options available, each with their own unique set of features. We’ve put together a few tips that will help you narrow down your choices and make choosing the right camera bag for your needs a quick and easy process.

Ease of Access

A good camera bag allows you to take out your camera easily and put it away just as easily, leaving you with one less hurdle to worry about when taking photos. Ease of access depends on three things:

  • The opening & closing mechanism (zipper vs. Velcro vs. magnets vs. strap)
      • Your choice of opening & closing mechanism depends on how fast you need to get your gear out. Velcro and magnet-based mechanisms work best in these situations but they aren’t the best when it comes to protecting your gear against the weather. On the other hand, zippers prevent your camera from getting wet so opening speed can be a compromise. However, zippers also have the potential to scratch your camera if you’re not careful.
Crumpler 5 Million Dollar Home DSLR Camera Bag

Crumpler 5 Million Dollar Home DSLR Camera Bag

  • Size of pockets and compartments
    • A larger compartment makes it easy to take out items, but as a camera bag, a compartment shouldn’t be too big either.  The lens storage area should be snug so they don’t fall out or jumble around your bag.
  • Location of pockets & compartments
    • A compartment that’s in an easy to access location and angled in an ergonomic position makes it easy for you to take out your gear while making sure those items don’t fall out as you take them out. The last thing you want to happen is to drop your camera and lenses!
Internals of the Manfrotto Advanced Tri DSLR Backpack

Internals of the Manfrotto Advanced Tri DSLR Backpack

Material & Construction

Whether you plan on going hiking, jungle trekking, or city exploring, the material plays an important part. If you’re an outdoorsy person, your bag should be able to withstand wear and tear but also be breathable for those heart rate raising activities. If you live in a wet city, a bag made out of waterproof material is ideal. In this situation, sealed zips on a bag are vital to avoid water seeping into the bag when you’re out and about.


Waterproof; Chrome Niko DSLR + 15″ Laptop Backpack

The material also affects the weight of your bag so if you’ve got back problems it would be best to avoid bags made from heavy materials like thick waxed canvas or leather.

Finally, how the material is bound together affects the bag’s durability. Bags that use stitching tend to be more durable than glued (but this does vary from brand to brand).

Size & Weight

Bigger is not always better when it comes to camera bags. Bigger means heavier. It also means you might need to put more things in it to keep everything snug, and you’re not thinking about what you NEED to be carrying vs. what you WANT to be carrying. A seasoned traveller knows the importance of packing light. The same concept applies to photographers, especially travel photographers.

Comfort & Feel

Messenger: Crumpler 5 Million Dollar Home DSLR Camera Bag. Backpack: Chrome Niko DSLR +15" Laptop Backpack

Messenger: Crumpler 5 Million Dollar Home DSLR Camera Bag. Backpack: Chrome Niko DSLR +15″ Laptop Backpack

If you’re going to be carrying around your camera gear, especially for prolonged periods, you want a bag that is comfortable to carry around. Experienced photographers tend to have multiple bags for different situations, alternating between a backpack and a messenger bag (or sling). Each has its own merit and drawbacks;

  • Backpack
    • A backpack is great if you need to carry around a lot of items. Having two straps vs. one on a messenger helps distribute the weight more evenly, making it more comfortable to carry everything you need for longer periods. The drawback of using backpacks is that it’s unfortunately on your back, meaning you’d have to take off your backpack before you can access your camera. If you’re constantly changing lenses or taking out things that you need to shoot with, then a messenger bag might be more suitable.
  • Messenger / Sling
    • A messenger, or sling bag is great for the quick shooters. Just swing over your bag, take out your gear and swing it back. It’s convenient for most people but it does get fairly uncomfortable if you’re out and about for hours. So, if you use a messenger bag, it’s important to know how much stuff you’ll be carrying around, and for how long.


The appearance of a bag is important when appealing to individual tastes but it can also impact your safety. If thieves are a concern, the best camera bag is one that doesn’t look like a camera bag. Experienced photographers who often travel to places unknown to them tend to do two things; make their cameras look as knocked up as possible, and use a bag that doesn’t give a potential mugger the idea that there are thousands of dollars worth of gear stored in them. This is key to avoid any potential mishaps on your journey.

Crumpler The Mild Enthusiast DSLR Sling Bag

Crumpler The Mild Enthusiast DSLR Sling Bag

Now that you know what to look out for, here are our top picks:

1. Niko DSLR + 15″ Laptop Backpack by Chrome | $259.95

View the Chrome Niko DSLR + 15″ Laptop Backpack.

2. Advanced Tri Large DSLR + 15″ Laptop Backpack by Manfrotto | $204.95

View the Manfrotto Advanced Tri large DSLR + 15″ Laptop Backpack.

3. The Enthusiast DSLR + 11″ Laptop Sling Pack by Crumpler | $195.00

View the Crumpler The Enthusiast DSLR + 11″ Laptop Sling Pack.

4. 5 Million Dollar Home DSLR Camera Bag by Crumpler | $120.00

View the Crumpler 5 Million Dollar Home DSLR Camera Bag.