We’re Hiring: Digital Marketing Co-ordinator

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We’re looking for an energetic and ambitious person to join our Marrickville, Sydney based team as the Digital Marketing Co-ordinator (Full time). If you live and breathe digital marketing, are talented and want to work in a role where you can significantly impact the branding and success of an established, yet growing business, this place is for you.

Rushfaster is run just like a startup (and in the same office as Townske) – we’re nimble and innovative. Our co-founders are both technical and have great business experience. If selected, you’ll join a dedicated, passionate & smart team that are building the best online shopping experience in the world.


  • Experience marketing – Rushfaster is all about customer experience. Help improve and maintain the Rushfaster experience.
  • Community management – The Rushfaster community is awesome, make it awesomer.  Interact with the community and implement new strategies to increase engagement, followers and traffic to the site from social media. Organise mini events for the Rushfaster community.
  • Content strategy – Content is becoming a bigger part of our business. Our blog and email strategy is paramount to our future.
  • Competition coordination – Organise competitions with our partners and ensure maximum effectiveness.
  • Partners – Help spread the word through partner distribution.

Please apply if you can answer yes to these:

  • You have in-depth experience in and a passion for digital marketing
  • You take initiative and ownership of projects
  • You are meticulously organised and can manage time and work effectively
  • You love working autonomously, but can work well with the team
  • You have attention to detail (address your cover letter to JOE in all capital letters)
  • You are self motivated and just love learning new things and implementing new solutions

How to apply:

To apply, please send us your CV and a brief cover letter to careers [at] teamrushfaster [dot] com [dot] au

Please make the subject line of the email: “[your name] is your next Digital Marketing Co-ordinator”.

Your cover letter should address all of the following:

  1. Address your application to Joe and tell me where you saw this job ad
  2. Mention 2 major passions in life
  3. Mention 2 significant achievements
  4. Tell us the 1 reason why you’re the best applicant for this position
  5. Include your current or most recent salary (+super +extras)

Applications close July 31st. We look forward to hearing from you.

Passport Travel Wallets

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A Passport Travel Wallet makes for an incredibly handy companion when travelling overseas. Offering enough space for your passport and travel documents, a good Passport Travel Wallet will condense everything in to the one wallet making your travel experience much less stressful. Plus, it will avoid the risk of losing your passport or any other important documents.

Check out our great selection of Passport Travel Wallets below.


Passport Travel Wallets

1. The Chiburi Travel Wallet  by Ethnotek | $59.95

Ethnotek’s Chiburi Travel Wallet is packed with features and pockets to stow away travel must-haves like passports, boarding passes, additional currencies, business cards, keys, cables, pens and more. Featuring Ethnotek’s innovative THREAD fabrics which are sourced directly from local artisans around the globe, these fabrics not only give life to the bag but also support communities and help keep traditional craft forms alive.

View the Ethnotek Chiburi Travel Wallet.


Passport Travel Wallets

2. The Ida Wallet by Status Anxiety | $99.95

Made of full grain pebbled leather, the Ida Wallet by Status Anxiety is a sleek and elegantly designed woman’s purse offering enough space to accommodate a standard sized passport and various travel documents. Featuring 16 card slots and a magnetic closure, the Ida Wallet makes for the perfect woman’s travelling companion.

View the Status Anxiety Ida Wallet.


3. The Travel Wallet  by Bellroy | $139.95

Bellroy’s iconic Travel Wallet enables you to keep all of your important documents in one place while fitting snuggly in your pocket. With two note sections, a tailored passport pouch, card slots and even a handy pen, the only thing you need to worry about is making sure you get a window seat on the plane.

View the Bellroy Travel Wallet.


Passport Travel Wallets

4. The WWT Passport Wallet  by This Is Ground | $99.95

This Is Ground’s WWT Passport Wallet is constructed from a beautiful handmade leather and features 4 internal compartments to house your passport, cash, ID, credit cards and boarding passes.

View the This Is Ground WWT Passport Wallet.


Passport travel wallets

5. Raynor Leather Passport Wallet by Herschel | $84.95

Made from premium leather, Herschel’s Raynor Leather Passport Wallet comes fully lined with Herschel’s signature coated poly fabric and features a currency sleeve for stashing different currencies. With multiple card slots that can accommodate 3+ cards, the Raynor Leather Passport Wallet is a minimally designed, unisex travel wallet with a pebbled texture.

View the Herschel Raynor Leather Passport Wallet.

Set Up Your Workspace Like A Pro

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Set Up Your Workspace

Setting up your workspace may seem like a menial task, but it may surprise you just how many factors there are to consider when it comes to getting it done right.

You spend a large portion of your day working, so your work should only take place in an environment that is going to optimise your productivity and efficiency. This in turn will result in a smoother workflow, and most importantly; a better end result.  With a few simple hacks, you can say goodbye to your poorly set up workspace and hello to getting things done faster, more efficiently and with a better overall mindset.

Set Up Your Workspace

Hacks & Tips To Start Working Like A Pro

Experimentation is key when it comes to setting up your workspace. The optimal organised and productive workspace depends on the individual. While there may be a few hard and fast rules when it comes to posture and seating arrangement, there are also plenty of factors that entirely come down to how you work, so you may find yourself having to experiment a little before working out what’s right for you.

  • De-clutter and keep it minimal. The more clutter you have lying around, the harder it is going to be to keep everything in order. In turn, you’ll find yourself feeling a lot more flustered when it comes to deadlines, or juggling multiple projects. Keep your space clean and minimal. A cluttered surrounding will only lead to a cluttered mindset. This not only applies to just the physical layout of your work area, but to your computer as well, so make sure to always close those unwanted tabs and files. 
  • Say goodbye to Post It notes. Post It notes are great in theory; they’re colourful, they’re sticky and they’re always on hand. However, this can cross dangerous territory as a workstation congested with Post It notes will start to feel out of control. Luckily, there are a plethora of free task management platforms out there that can mimc the same result of a Post It note, but with less distraction. A personal favourite of ours is Trello.  Get all of those tasks – big or small – out of your head and off the Post It notes, and get them onto an online task management platform. And while the workload will remain the same, it will feel significantly smaller once you’ve cleared yourself from a sea of coloured Post It notes.
  • Kick hardware faults to the curb sooner, rather than later. If you experience reoccurring technical faults with existing devices such as your computer, printer or connections, finding a solution should serve as a top priority. Sure, we don’t always want to fork out the extra money to fix and/or replace these things, but working with difficult hardware that causes hours of frustration is only going to take that precious work time away from you. So do yourself a favour – sort that hardware out!
  • Good posture is the basis of good workspace ergonomics. You’ve probably heard this one before, but it really is a valid point. Always ensure that your computer monitor is well centred and roughly arm’s length away from you. Your eye level should meet the top of your computer screen, and your wrists should be able to stay mostly flat and straight when reaching your keyboard. More than anything, sit up in your chair straight! While this may be tricky to consciously remember throughout the day, there are plenty of solutions when it comes to back support. Whether that be a standing desk, lumbar support devices, or just a good ol’ fashioned couch cushion from home, there are a variety of ways to assist with supporting your back. Do it, your work (and health) will thank you for it.

  • Double Your Monitors. It may sound a little excessive to some, but having that extra monitor can be a lifesaver. If you’re someone who works a lot with spreadsheets – or with a lot of fine text for that matter – then a second monitor will save you hours of wasted time throughout the course of a year. Long gone are the days of flicking between multiple tabs, pages and spreadsheets. It’s not about doing two things at once, but rather having a better overview of your given task.

Set Up Your Workspace

Set Up Your Workspace With Our Top Product Picks

1. MacBook HiRise Adjustable Stand by Twelve South | $99.95

View the Twelve South MacBook HiRise Adjustable Stand.

2. Studio Ballpoint Pen by Lamy | $124.95

View the Lamy Studio Ballpoint Pen.

3. Vida 500ml Hydration Vessel by KOR | $29.95

View the KOR Vida 500ml Hydration Vessel.

4. Premium Leather Key Organiser by OrbitKey | $39.95

View the OrbitKey Premium Leather Key Organiser.

5. NomadKey Apple Lightning Charge Key by Nomad | $29.95

View the Nomad Apple Lightning Charge Key.

6. Calculator by Braun | $59.95

View the Braun Calculator.

7. Medium Accessory Bag by Topo Designs | $25.95

View the Topo Designs Medium Accessory Bag.

8. HiRise Adjustable iMac Stand by Twelve South | $109.95

View the Twelve South HiRise Adjustable iMac Stand.

9. BookArc Vertical MacBook Stand by Twelve South | $109.95

View the Twelve South BookArc Vertical MacBook Stand.


Everyday Carry Essentials

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Everyday Carry Essentials

1. iPhone 6 Overture Wallet Case by Moshi | $64.99

View the Moshi iPhone 6 Overture Wallet Case.

2. Large Utility Pouch by Chrome | $19.95

View the Chrome Large Utility Pouch.

3. Mini Buckle Keychain by Chrome | $49.95

View the Chrome Mini Buckle Keychain.

4. One Bottle Opener by Tactica | $39.00

View the Tactica One Bottle Opener.

5. Aero Wallet by Dosh | $89.95

View the Dosh Aero Wallet.

6. Studio Ballpoint Pen by Lamy | $129.95

View the Lamy Studio Ballpoint Pen.

iPhone 6 Cases

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Phone cases may not be for everyone, but they can do wonders by protecting your device from day to day bumps and scratches that we’ve all come to know and loathe.

That being said, we’ve got a wide range of iPhone 6 Cases that’ll help to keep your iPhone looking as good as the first day you bought it, because let’s face it; these things aren’t the cheapest to replace.



1. The iPhone 6 iGlaze XT Hard Shell Case Clear by Moshi | $39.95

If you’re after a good iPhone case, but don’t like the usual bulk that comes with a phone case, then Moshi’s iPhone 6 iGlaze XT Hard Shell Case will make for an ideal iPhone companion. Featuring an extremely thin depth of 1.0mm, the iGlaze case is durable, subtle and is a true winner when it comes to discreet iPhone protection.

View the Moshi iPhone 6 iGlaze XT Hard Shell Case Clear.



2. The iPhone 6 Elements Phone Pocket by Bellroy | $99.95

Bellroy’s iPhone 6 Elements Phone Pocket is a great choice if you’re looking to keep all your essentials together in the one place. Built with a soft, water-resistant, full-grain vegetable tanned leather, The Elements Phone Pocket features a timeless design and offers a generous amount of space for all your pocket essentials.

View the Bellroy iPhone 6 Elements Phone Pocket.



3. The iPhone 6+ Durables Wallet Sleeve by DODOcase | $79.95

The iPhone 6+ Durables Wallet Sleeve by San Francisco based brand, DODOcase is constructed from rugged waxed canvas and soft leather, offering a timeless yet modern aesthetic. Featuring two leather pockets to accommodate cards and cash, the iPhone 6+ Durables Wallet Sleeve makes for an extremely practical, no-fuss iPhone companion.

View the DODOcase iPhone 6+ Durables Wallet Sleeve.



4. The iPhone 6 Ultra-Slim Snap Case by Gecko | $19.95

Gecko’s iPhone 6 Ultra-Slim Snap Case is a scratch resistant, polypropylene, ultra slim hard case. Featuring a bonus clear screen guard, this Ultra-Slim Snap Case is great for those who are after a subtle design, and an extremely thin exterior.

View the Gecko iPhone 6 Ultra-Slim Snap Case.



5. The iPhone 6 Leather Wallet Snap Case by Mujjo | $84.95

With an aim to eliminate bulky pockets, Mujjo have created the iPhone 6 Leather Wallet Snap Case that works to accommodate both your iPhone and bank cards. Crafted from high quality vegetable-tanned leather, Mujjo’s iPhone 6 Leather Wallet Snap Case offers an incredibly sleek design and is lined with anti-scratch microfibre to protect your phone from nasty scratches.

View the Mujjo iPhone 6 Leather Wallet Snap Case.



6. The iPhone 6+ iGlaze Armour Metallic Hard Shell Case by Moshi | $64.95

Moshi’s iPhone 6+ iGlaze Armour Metallic Hard Shell Case features a diamond-cut, aluminium backplate, and proprietary hybrid internal material that provides ample shock absorption and scratch resistance. Featuring a raised bezel that protects your iPhone’s display when laid flat, the iGlaze Armour Metallic Hard Shell Case offers maximum protection so that your device is well looked after.

View the Moshi iPhone 6+ iGlaze Armour Metallic Hard Shell Case.