Mujjo – Crafted Device Protection From Holland

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Mujjo are back for 2014 with two impressive new collections. Titled Understated and Low-Key respectively, the Low-Key Collection features dark tones and black leather, while the Understated Collection has an earthy vibe with it’s lusciously lighter tanned leather. Both collections essentially contain the same products with the exception of a premium 13″ Laptop Folio which is exclusive to the Understated Collection for now.

This latest release see’s the Dutch label build on the success they had with their previous Originals collection which consisted of a limited range of white and tan leather and felt sleeves for Apple devices.

So what’s new? Well, on the surface it doesn’t appear to be a whole lot, but delve deeper and you will discover quite a lot has been added. Understated and Low-Key see the introduction of several new products as well as a re-working of the original wool felt and leather sleeves that brought Mujjo to our attention last year.


The white leather used throughout the Originals collection has been scrapped and replaced by a much sleeker black leather in their Low-Key collection. The wool felt that has been selected is a classy deep grey as opposed to the lighter grey used in the previous collection. But these are not the only things that have been reworked on the original sleeves, they now feature a very handy internal slot for a credit card and another for a SD memory card, the latter of which is something we feel will come in very handy keeping loose SD cards with precious data organised. While Mujjo make a sleeve for each current sized Apple device, the iPad and iPad Mini sizes utilise an envelope style closure, while the larger 13″ and 15″ sleeves feature a simple snap button closure. For the iPhone 5, the simple yet extremely popular leather slip sleeve we saw in the Originals collection has returned in a similar tan colour and a new black leather replaces the previous all white version (which not only looks better, but is much more practical in our opinion). Now called the iPhone Slim Fit Wallet, the phone sleeve now features an additional handy slot to stash a credit card or two.


Along with the exciting improvements we’ve seen to Mujjo’s previously released sleeve collection, this release see’s a couple of completely new items, all still designed to protect and serve your Apple devices in a premium manner.

First up we see the iPhone Leather Wallet Case which is a leather coated polycarbonate shell that snaps straight on to the back of your iPhone 5/5s. Like the Slim Fit Wallet (try not to let the names confuse you…) the new Mujjo iPhone Leather Wallet Case features a slot on the rear for a couple of credit cards. If you don’t like to carry a lot in your pockets, don’t like bulky pockets or fat wallets because they are uncomfortable, this new product is built just for you. The case is designed to carry your iPhone and most important cards in one sleek package. Mujjo say they developed their new iPhone cases like this because most of the time, you just need to carry around a few of your most important cards, some cash, and your iPhone.

Next up, Mujjo introduce their new Slim Fit Sleeves for the iPad and iPad Mini. Made out of one single piece of leather, these sleeves combines functionality and elegance in just one stitch. Super slim by design, the Slim Fit sleeve is handcrafted to fit your iPad or iPad Mini plus a few essentials in a front slip pocket. We can see this additional pocket making an occasional handy home for some earphones or an airline boarding pass.

Last but not least (and at the time of writing in late March 2014 still yet to hit shelves) we see Mujjo release their first folio type product. At this stage the Laptop Folio has only been announced in tan leather and a 13″ size (to fit the Apple Pro and Air). As we haven’t physically had our hands on one just yet we can’t say too much, however judging from what we’ve seen so far from the brand we’re in for a treat. For the Folio, Mujjo have added custom YKK zips which to a full face of premium leather backed by felt which according to Mujjo, the high quality gunmetal YKK zipper creates an L-shaped opening along the horizontal and vertical side of the sleeve. This enables you to conveniently take your Macbook out and put it back in with ease.

The sophistically integrated double storage compartments of the Folio will allow you to store documents, earphones, pencils, and other essentials too. Like the other sleeves they’ve integrated a leather brand label with slots inside the sleeve, made from the underside of the vegetable-tanned leather to store bank and ID cards as well as a SD card. By design, the zipper closure enabled them to make a sleeve that fits and protects the 13” Macbook Air, the 13” Macbook Pro, and the 13” Macbook Pro Retina. We can’t wait to get our hands on this sleeve and expect our first delivery in early April 2014. For pre-orders please contact us or join the waiting list by following the link by clicking the image above.

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Customer Review: Eastpak Cottown Klosser 17″ Laptop Backpack

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As you probably know, we’re big Eastpak fans here at Rushfaster. We love their no-nonsense functionality, minimal styling, and their authenticity – this is a brand that has been around for more than half a century. So we were just as interested as Rushfaster customer Ben Harrison to see the evolution of the brand through the introduction of some new, contemporary styles that sit alongside their classic range of backpacks.

A big thanks to Ben for his in-depth look at the Navy Cottown Klosser Laptop Backpack – we couldn’t have written it better ourselves! – The Rushfaster Team

The Eastpak Cottown Klosser 17″ Laptop Backpack

Reviewing a backpack should be about as simple as reviewing a hammer. It’s a tool, so therefore it will either be suitable for a job or not. It will be made to last, or it won’t be.

But now as brands like Herschel, Crumpler and JanSport become more and more popular, the backpack has changed. If designer collaborations and limited editions haven’t quite turned backpacks into the new sneakers, they’re definitely trying.

This change has made brands like Eastpak, who are probably known to most as the people who made your schoolbag, sit back and take notice. They’ve launched a series of new styles as an attempt to get back some of the attention they originally won for functionality and durability.

One of the first examples of this new direction is the Eastpak Cottown Klosser. Under the front flap, it’s a duffel style affair with a two large front pockets and a laptop sleeve inside. You can see how it’s trying to be a bit more grown up and sophisticated with its ribbed straps, leather accents and metal buckles.

The slightly naff white logo of the old schoolbags has been replaced with a more subtle stamped leather rectangle and the straps and polyester have been kept the same colour for a more minimal look.

My day to day backpack is an Eastpak; a Returnity Killington, which is a bit of an overwrought thing that maybe only crampon and trekking pole owners could truly appreciate. I cut half the straps off the front of that bag and removed the logo, so I can definitely appreciate the minimalism on hand here.

I tend to pack that backpack with all manner of objects for my work designing digital content. On a given day I’ll be packing a camera, an ipad, a laptop, a board filled with all manner of connecting cables and accessories, a bicycle lock, sunglasses, gym gear and towel and various other bits and pieces. Depending on the time of day, that gym gear may be carrying about an additional half litre of sweat.

That means I have a fairly specific need for pockets. I found that the large front pockets on the Klosser (or do I call it the Cottown?)  could fit most of the smaller parts of my carry, with the board, ipad and laptop in the laptop pocket and the camera and gym gear in the larger area. Sunglasses went in the front pocket, then keys and pens in the remaining one. You could probably fit a small book in there too if you’re still into the whole paper thing. All that still left this rather capacious bag with a fair bit of leftover space. However one of the nice things about the Cottown is you can tighten the duffel cord and shrink the bag down, so you don’t look like a European tourist as you trek into work. In spite of how much you can fit in the bag, it looks pretty compact when it’s on.

The first thing I did when I opened the Klosser is undo one of the purposeful looking buckles on the front. That was a mistake; concealed under the buckles are two magnetic studs that are meant to do the real opening and closing job here. That meant two small negatives for me, make of them what you will. Firstly it means you can’t use the buckles to jam the bag closed if you’ve filled it beyond the point of pulling the drawstring.

Secondly, it reminded me of a schoolbag my mum gave to me when I was a kid that had a similar fake buckle with a magnetic clip underneath. Everything worked as fine then as it does now, I just figured for some strange reason at the time I’d get hassled for having a girl’s bag. Of course later on, like any muffin-eating inner city type, I realised the truth: that real buckles are just a pain in the ass and it’s hard to have patience for anything more than zips or studs.

That aside, there are some definite factors standing in the Cottown’s favour. All the accents are real leather which means they’ll improve with age. Eastpaks come with a ridiculously long 30 year warranty, which effectively means that if your future child rips it falling off their hoverboard, they could still get it fixed for nada.

Above all, this bag will fit an absolute tonne of stuff, never look bulky or cumbersome and last a lifetime. For a price that’s the equivalent of a smaller Hershel, that’s a pretty good deal.

The Eastpak Cottown Klosser 17″ Laptop Backpack Navy is also available in Grey, Beige, and Rose.

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Customer Review: The Eastpak Ekspres Velow 17″ Laptop Backpack

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Eastpak continues to surprise us (in a good way) with their new range of contemporary styles, which the brand has been releasing of late to complement its well-known and well-loved range of classic backpacks.

With the Ekspres Velow 17″ Laptop Backpack, Eastpak has designed a versatile and sturdy bag for all those bike riders – and everyone else really – out there who have been looking for a stylish but functional way to lug around their stuff. This backpack has some unique features such as a roll-top and reflective detailing, but we won’t go into too much detail here, because clever Rushfaster customer Evan Palmer has made this great video for us which pretty much explains everything we would mention, but in a much more entertaining way.

So, a big thanks to Evan for his video review of the Eastpak Ekspres Velow Backpack. Check it out below! – The Rushfaster Team

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The 10 Best Back To Work Bags For 2014

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Back to work means it’s time to get organised for 2014, and what better place to get started than with a new work bag from Rushfaster.

Here are our top ten picks for the best work bags you won’t find on everyone else this year.

1. The Kobe Laptop Messenger by Knomo

The practical and spacious Kobe soft messenger is made from luxuriously smooth full grain leather teamed with lightweight fabric made from recycled bottles and is designed to hold up to a 15” laptop within its quilted laptop protection pouch. The Kobe messenger has a pocket inside for your laptop and plenty more space for your work paraphernalia. The Kobe is soft and comfortable to carry, with an adjustable shoulder strap and soft construction to mould to your body, and a handy pocket at the back to slip over a trolley handle. Available in Black and Brown colours.

2. The Picton Laptop Handbag by Knomo

This spacious leather tote handbag holds and protects laptops up to 15″ within a quilted compartment and provides easily accessible pockets for smartphones, tablets and important personal items that you may need on a daily basis in the office. Throw in an interior organisational panel for pens, business cards, etc. and an additional interior zip compartment to lock away valuables and you have our favourite laptop handbag for 2014. Available in Black, Marine and Cherry.

3. The Office Laptop Bag by Qwstion

Returning from our 2013 list and for good reason, Qwstion’s Office Bag is great if you travel for work and need lots of flexibility. This bag offers direct access to a protective, neoprene padded compartment which fits most laptops while the main section opens widely for your documents and workbooks. The Office bag transforms from a shoulder bag into a backpack for all city cruisers, cyclists and office nomads. This high quality versatile bag allows you to take your work anywhere. Available in Grey, Black and Navy.

4. The Boa Laptop Brief by Booq

A relatively new release from Booq, the Boa Brief is a highly protective and lightweight professional laptop bag. Incorporating durable materials and components, this ballistic nylon workhorse features a dedicated, extremely impact resistant rigid-frame laptop compartment that can handle notebooks up to 15.6”, a spacious main compartment large enough for stacks of books or legal-format documents, and zippered pockets designed around iPad, charger, iPhone, wallet or pens. The combination of premium YKK zippers, genuine leather trims, durable metal hardware and high quality fabrics ensures that this lightweight laptop case will endure many years of work.

5. The Flat Carrier Laptop Bag by Cote&Ciel

Available in two sizes to suit both 13″ and 15″ laptops, the Flat Carrier from Parisian label Cote&Ciel is a stylish, comfortable to wear, protective storage solution for your laptop and business tools. The inner compartments and zip pockets allow easy access to your devices and documents, while the versatility of dual carry handles and a removable shoulder strap mean that bag that can be carried in multiple ways. An intelligent back pocket lets you attach the bag to any suitcase with a retractable handle.

6. The City Laptop Backpack by Incase

Looking for a functional backpack that can be worn with a suit? The clean lines of the City Collection embrace spatial economy while delivering enhanced protection and organisation for personal technology and daily essentials. The City backpack’s laptop compartment features faux fur lining and 360 degree padding, ensuring complete protection of all sides and edges of your notebook. Signature Incase design details like padded air mesh back panels and shoulder straps provide enhanced comfort while thoughtful interior and exterior pocket placement makes access and organisation more efficient than pretty much any other ‘city use’ backpack on the market. Available in Black and Navy.

7. The City Laptop Field Bag by Incase

The City Field Bag provides the robust storage of the City backpack featured above, but in a shoulder carrying design for those that prefer the over the shoulder look.

8. The Taipan Shadow Messenger by Booq

Available in S, M and XL sizes for 13”, 15” and 17” laptops respectively, the Taipan Shadow blends a slick messenger style with a professional, understated appearance. Compact and lightweight yet surprisingly roomy and protective, its luxurious interior offers plenty of room for papers, business cards, keys, and laptop accessories while the bag maintains a minimum exterior size. A plushly lined laptop compartment equipped with a durable YKK zipper, a back pocket with zippered trolley pass-through, and a seatbelt nylon shoulder strap with removable shoulder pad are just some of the key features that make the Taipan shadow an ideal compact bag for work use.

9. The Boa Squeeze Backpack by Booq

One of our most popular work/tech backpacks, don’t think that just because the Boa Squeeze has a slim profile, that it can’t hold a lot of gear. The Boa Squeeze can hold and protect a laptop up to 15” and still leave room for a whole lot more. A King of organisation, the Squeeze has loads of pockets tucked away both inside and out, providing suitable homes for all of your small office tech and bits and pieces. The Squeeze also features ergonomic straps, a breathable airmesh back padding, removable key fob, and a water repellent, 1680D ballistic nylon exterior.

10. The Troon Laptop Messenger by Knomo

New to the Knomo range, the Troon is a functionally modern lightweight cross-body messenger with a vintage aesthetic. Made from lightweight yet tough twill cotton canvas, the Troon holds a laptop up to 13” within a separate laptop pouch and features an interior organisational panel essential for work/office use. Additional front and rear pockets mean that there is room for magazines or a tablet, and we must note that the slim design and adjustable webbed shoulder strap make the Troon very comfortable to commute with.


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