Online Assistant Store Manager

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We're Hiring at Rushfaster

We are looking for an energetic and ambitious person to join our team as the E-Commerce Assistant Store Manager. If you’re driven, talented and want to work in a role where you can flex your entrepreneurial muscles to shape this business like your own, this could be the right place for you. (Please note, this position is very different to a brick & mortar store manager position).

You’ll join a team of dedicated and passionate people all working towards the same goal. Work with a range of great accessories like Crumpler, Herschel, Eastpak and Incase to name a few.

Rushfaster focuses on delivering an awesome experience to our customers and you will be at the forefront of ensuring that happens.

Please only apply for this position if you can answer Yes to ALL of the following:
- You have a keen interest in online retail
- You are meticulously organised
- You are able to autonomously resolve both people and system related issues
- You understand the importance of systems
- You have an excellent grasp of spreadsheets (and the use of formulas)
- You have attention to detail (in your cover letter, write my name in all capital letters)
- You can manage time and tasks and work effectively
- You are self motivated and want to work in a fast paced environment where you can directly influence the performance of the business

You’ll be responsible for:
- Acquiring new brands for the store
- Liaising with suppliers
- Marketing using social media and other methods
- Creating sales and marketing Promos
- Managing inventory
- Resolving stock issues
- Resolving (basic level) technical issues with the website
- Coming up with ideas to drive sales
- Analysing sales
- Ensuring the quality of product and web content
- Ensuring customer experience is always at its best

How to apply for this position:
To apply, please send us your CV and a brief cover letter to

Please make the subject line of the email: “[your name] is your next Online Assistant Store Manager”.

Your cover letter should address all of the following:
(please highlight each of these in bold)
1. Address your application to Joe
2. Mention 2 major passions in life
3. Mention 2 significant achievements
4. Tell us the 1 reason why you’re the best applicant for this position
5. Include your current or most recent salary (+super +extras)

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.

The Crumpler Camera Bag Series | The Haven

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The Haven Crumpler Camera Bag

Love photography but loathe lugging around a dedicated camera bag? Keep your gear in The Haven,  a very handy Crumpler camera bag.

Working like a portable padded protector for all things photographic, the Crumpler Haven camera bag instantly turns any bag into a camera bag and back again with pick up, plonk down ease. Available in three sizes, the small Crumpler Haven (S) suits a Compact System Camera, the medium Crumpler Haven (M) is designed to hold a DSLR twin lens kit and the large Crumpler Haven (L) is designed to fit a DSLR twin lens kit and flash or a full frame body and lens. If you’re after a camera bag that offers simplicity along with durability, then The Haven is definitely one Crumpler camera bag that’s worth checking out.

Shop The Haven and other great Crumpler camera bags at Rushfaster.

Who’s got the best looking bikes in town? Chappelli.

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Chappelli Warehouse

Commuter cycling has really taken off in the past few years, it’s good for the environment, great for your health and just a lot of fun.

Some of us at Rushfaster have started cycling recently and of course we had to find some good looking bikes to match our great range of bike backpacks and courier messenger bags. This is when we came across Chappelli Cycles.

Chappelli Cycles is a Sydney based maker and retailer of design focused bicycles. Founded in 2009 by Pablo Chappelli and Tom Davies, the company specialises in making internal hub and classically styled urban bicycles aimed at people who value great design at honest prices.  Since 2009 they’ve sold over 10,000 bicycles in Australia and Europe and in 2013 they opened physical stores in both Sydney & Melbourne.

We caught up with Tom at Chappelli, to learn more about their award-winning company and chat cycling in general.

Chappelli Cycles

What inspired you to start Chappelli?

Chappelli was started because we wanted to create our own bicycle brand that offered great style and quality at an affordable price. When we started fixies were really trendy and bike shops were selling them at $800+. We offered them direct to our consumers for less than half that and our customers still remark on how cheap our bikes are compared to other brands. Since then we’ve won an Australian International Design Award for our bicycle designs and have expanded our range to focus on urban riders.

Who are your biggest fans?

We get a lot of love from architects, designers, hospitality folk and students. Infact anyone that loves great design. We did a customer survey recently and over 95% of our customers said they valued great design above everything else.

Which Chappelli bike is your favourite?

My favourite Chappelli is the NuVinci bicycle (pictured below) that we won our Design Award for. There is simply nothing else on the market like it. It doesn’t have gears in the conventional sense, only levels of resistance so its a really smooth ride and its been designed to not get rusty, dirty or loose efficiency over time. Its an amazing piece of technology.

NuVinchi Platinum

Do you bike to work?

Yes, I ride to Botany from Bondi most days. Its a 25k round-trip that takes about 30 minutes each way on my trusty Chappelli 3 speed. There is a massive hill each way which provides a good level of resistance and its faster than driving with the benefit of doing my exercise for the day!

What’s your favourite area to bike, in Sydney?

I really like riding up around Palm Beach and some of the hills around there. I don’t get up there very often unfortunately but when I do I love it. Its great riding with some fantastic hills, beautiful views and not too much traffic.

Chappelli Cycles

What’s your opinion on all the bike rage/issues we have been hearing about in the news?

Its been great to see cycling really take off in the past couple of years but as there are more cyclists on the roads then number of incidents is increasing. Its normal as drivers are forced to share the roads and then take out their frustrations on poor cyclists. The best thing to do to decrease driver rage is to get even more people out their riding. As soon as you ridden on a road and seen how badly some drivers treat you, you become a much better driver yourself. There is nothing like experience to build empathy.

Backpack or Messenger?

Messenger all the way, I’ve got myself a Crumpler messenger bag and I love it. Its become my staple carry all bag and its great to ride with.

Chappelli Cycles

Thanks for the interview Tom, it was nice meeting you. Great choice on the Crumpler messenger too, it will last you for years! – The Rushfaster Team

You can shop our current hand-selected range of Cycle Backpacks and Courier Messenger Bags at Rushfaster now.

Bellroy Elements

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Bellroy Elements

Melbourne based wallet brand, Bellroy are probably best known for their sleek aesthetic, environmentally conscious designs, and their ability to accommodate a great number of cards and cash while avoiding that typical wallet bulk we all love to hate.

Since first landing on the scene in 2009, Bellroy have grown immensely in their stature and design, offering over eight different styles of handsomely crafted products that, as their tagline suggests, slim your wallet. With their latest range of never before seen designs, we can confidently say that Bellroy, as we know it, are about to get a whole lot better – yes, apparently this is possible.

Bellroy recently dropped their fresh new line of wallets, ‘Bellroy Elements’, featuring three brand new styles, each available in three different colourways. Built with an adventurous heart in mind, Bellroy have constructed their latest designs with heavy-wearing leather and water-resistant zips, perfect for those times when you’re on the move and need that extra bit of protection for your pocket contents.

View the latest range below.

Bellroy Elements Travel Wallet

The Bellroy Elements Travel Wallet

The Bellroy Elements Travel Wallet features a water-resistant zip for weather protection, internal pockets for your passport and currency, and just like Bellroy’s original signature ‘Travel Wallet’, a micro pen with an extra refill, because how often are you caught having to fill out a customs form with no pen? We’ve personally lost count.

Shop the Bellroy Elements Travel Wallet at Rushfaster.

Bellroy Elements Sleeve

The Bellroy Elements Sleeve

The Bellroy Elements Sleeve features a pull-tab seal for protection against water and grit, a handy little key stash for your spare key, and Bellroy’s water resistant all-weather leather material. The Elements Sleeve keeps bulk to an absolute minimum, so if you’re looking for a great slimline design, you’ve met your match with this bad boy.

Shop the Bellroy Elements Sleeve at Rushfaster.

Bellroy Elements Pocket

The Bellroy Elements Pocket

The Bellroy Elements Pocket features a water resistant zip for weather protection, an internal pocket for folded bills and/or notes from your secret admirer, a hidden key stash, and Bellroy’s water resistant all-weather leather material.

Shop the Bellroy Elements Pocket at Rushfaster.


You can see the latest Bellroy Elements range along with the rest of our great Bellroy wallet range at Rushfaster now.


Chrome Bag Review | The Citizen Messenger

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The Chrome Citizen Messenger Bag is a bag built tough for city living, packing durability, functionality and design all into one.

With a 15 year history in building foolproof messenger bags, Chrome have come to produce one of the most stand out models for any cyclist with their Citizen model. Featuring a quick-release buckle for an easy off load, this Chrome bag comes jam-packed with an array of different features.

Need more proof? Well, luckily for us, we had the pleasure of having Andy van Bergen from write an honest review of his experience with a Chrome bag that we sent him specifically to put through it’s paces.

Thanks for the review, Andy. It’s great to see the Chrome Citizen Messenger Bag in action! - The Rushfaster Team

Chrome Citizen Messenger Bag


Anyone who uses six-packs as a unit of measurement is on the path to success in our eyes. The Chrome Citizen Messenger Bag claims to hold two six-packs side by side, but we found it actually easily has capacity for more (weight does start to become an issue at this point though!).

Chrome Citizen Messenger Bag

The interior of the bag is lined with a ‘military-grade’ tarpaulin, which means none of your classified documents will get wet when the weather turns sour. The main flap of the bag is fastened with wide velcro, and then additional buckles keep things tightly in place. The buckles also mean that you can overfill the bag quite considerably and still keep everything in place. A zipper stash pocket means that your valuables won’t end up on the side of the road, and additional interior pockets provide plenty of storage solutions.

Chrome Citizen Messenger Bag
One of the most striking features of the bag is the seatbelt buckle on the shoulder strap, which is a tip of the hat to the brand’s origins. Wide padding on the strap ensures that even heavier hauls don’t cut into the shoulder, and a stabilising strap means that the bag doesn’t bounce around when on the bike. Also published at

Chrome Citizen Messenger Bag

You can find the Chrome Citizen Messenger Bag along with the rest of our great Chrome range at Rushfaster now.

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