Qwstion Daypack Review

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Qwstion Daypack

The Qwstion Daypack serves as the ultimate pack for a day around the city. It features a nifty two-way zip system, an integrated neoprene laptop pocket, and an incredibly durable, water resistant exterior.

The Seasonal Organic Duotone (pictured above) is one of the newer colourways for the Qwstion Daypack – and you have to admit; it looks pretty damn fresh.

For the second time around, Rushfaster customer and Blogger, Sarah Mears has written a great review, highlighting her experience with the Qwstion Daypack in our hometown of Sydney!

Thanks again for the great review, Sarah. It’s always exiting to see our new products out in action!

Also, if you didn’t get a chance to read Sarah’s earlier review of the Qwstion Weekender Bag, you can check it out here.


Qwstion Daypack

In May last year, I reviewed the Qwstion Weekender, and it is still one of the most popular posts here on Zinc Moon.
My husband has since claimed it for himself, and uses it everyday for work and for weekends away.
So I decided it was time to find a Qwstion bag for me…especially as we were heading to Sydney and I needed something to carry all my stuff!
Rushfaster answered my wish, and sent me out the rather clever yet always stylish Qwstion 15″ Laptop Daypack to try.

The first thing I noticed is the size…this Daypack is just perfect for a smaller, shorter person like me! I didn’t feel like it was wearing me when carrying it as a backpack!

Qwstion Daypack

Qwstion Daypack

But don’t be deceived, like the Weekender, you can fit quite a bit inside!

There are some nifty features…you can easily move the handles from the top…

Qwstion Daypack

To the side…plus the back straps can be unbuckled and tucked away and voila…the Daypack becomes a satchel!

Qwstion Daypack

The back panel is padded, which helps make the Daypack more comfortable to wear, especially if you have heavy books etc in there.

Qwstion Daypack

Inside, there is a neoprene pocket to fit up to 15″ laptop…

Qwstion Daypack

And there are two internal zipped pockets and a large “quick access” pocket that can be reached by opening the side zipper…

Qwstion Daypack

I found the external zipped pocket quite handy for putting items such as keys and phone in…

Qwstion Daypack

I love the simple, clean design of the Daypack, which oozes quality and style.

I also appreciate the wisdom of having the black fabric along the bottom, as that is the area that will get dirty when the Dayback is placed on the ground.

And as an added bonus, the Daypack is water resistant…which I put to the test while walking in the rain in Sydney!

The Qwstion range is not cheap…this Daypack is AUD$259 from Rushfaster…but you will be investing in a high quality backpack that will last, and be so versatile so it can be used everywhere from uni to work to travel!

Now I just have to get it off my husband…again…

Qwstion Daypack


You can find the Qwstion Daypack along with the  rest of our great Qwstion range available at Rushfaster now.

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Everyday Carry Essentials

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Everyday Carry


1. Phone Pocket by Bellroy | $114.95

View the Bellroy Phone Pocket.


2. Poquito Wallet by Madera | $54.95

View the Madera Poquito Wallet.


3. Capital Headphones by AIAIAI | $149.95

View the AIAIAI Capital Headphones.


4. MacBook Air & Pro 13″ Foilo Sleeve by Mujjo | $139.95

View the Mujjo MacBook Air & Pro 13″ Foilo Sleeve.


5. Studio Ballpoint Pen Brushed Stainless Steel by Lamy | $124.95

View the Lamy Studio Ballpoint Pen Brushed Stainless Steel.


6. Nava 650ml Filtered Hydration Vessel by KOR | $34.95

View the KOR Nava 650ml Filtered Hydration Vessel.

JanSport Right Pack Review

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The JanSport Right Pack 15″ Laptop Backpack serves as the ultimate classic. Available in an array of different colour ways, the JanSport Right Pack is a minimal, no-fuss design that sports a handsome aesthetic.

With a reputation of being one of the best school bag brands out, JanSport continue to kill it with their impeccable, yet never too-over-the-top range.

Rushfaster customer, Melad Javadi recently wrote a great review for his new JanSport Right Pack.

Thanks for the awesome review, Melad. Great to have an insightful look at one of our most popular backpacks! – The Rushfaster Team.

Jansport Right Pack

A good bag is a very important part of my day to day routine for a few reasons; I don’t drive, I use public transport to get to most places, and I’m a bit of a nomad so I do most of my work either on the go, at a nice coffee shop or pretty much anywhere I can get a decent Wi-Fi connection. For these reasons, it’s pretty safe to say that I carry around a lot of gadgets and gizmos, and the like and thus need a nice roomy bag to hold all said items.
In the past my requirements for a good bag has been relatively simple, something spacious with lots of pockets to organise my stuff, and comfy enough to be able to carry all my stuff without breaking my back. I’m constantly on the hunt for a better bag, a hunt of which has led me to try dozens of different brands and styles. Some I have loved, and some not so much, but most of the time I have stuck with the same recipe constantly searching for more pockets and different forms of organisation. For the past two weeks however I have been trying something a little different and I have to say, I like it. A lot.
The JanSport Right Pack is a very basic backpack and is quite different to what I am used to. It’s super simple and I have been enjoying its simplicity for the last two weeks.


This bag doesn’t have too many bells and whistles, and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It has a relatively spacious main compartment with a slot for a laptop of up to 15”, A smaller front pocket with an area for your keys, pens and other small accessories, and an even smaller pocket right at the front for little extras which I use for my headphones, a chocolate bar, loose change and other things I need quick access to.
Now as I stated previously, this bag doesn’t have an abundance of pockets and isn’t suited for the super organisers. However that being said, the bags simplicity and lack of many pockets is also a great thing. I constantly found myself worrying less about where everything in my bag should go and just started throwing things in there which made me a little less anal about always having everything organised and also helped me save some time. Yes, I know that organising stuff in a backpack doesn’t sound like that much time, but if you add up all the times where you have to carefully pack away everything you’ve unpacked, it can really add up, especially for the nomads amongst us.

Jansport Right Pack


The bag is generally sturdy and well made, being simple comes with the added benefit of making a pretty solid backpack. The bag has large zippers with a little leather string attached to them for easy closure. The entire bottom is made of a rough suede type material which works very well to protect it from ripping apart when being thrown around. The bag is also, from what I have gathered, pretty weather resistant, I used it while walking around in the rain numerous times and not one time did any of the content on the inside of the bag get wet. I tend to just drop my bag wherever I’m sitting and in the time I have been using it I have not noticed a single scuff, mark or any sign of even the slightest damage which is a huge testament to the quality of the bag.
The only problem I have with the build of this bag is with the straps. They seem very thin and a bit flimsy, I didn’t have a problem in the time that i was using them, but I suspect that over a long period of use if something was to wear out or start tearing, it would most probably be the bags straps. But for $89 on Rushfaster you can’t ask for the world, so the straps being the only problem is just being a bit nit picky.


The Jansport Right Pack is an extremely light weight bag. Fully loaded with my laptop, tablet, portable games consoles, cables, notebooks, pens, portable hard drives and chargers for everything – I almost barely noticed the weight of the bag at all. This is great because as anyone who carries a lot of stuff in their everyday carry bag knows, one of the biggest problems can be the weight, however this was never really a problem for me with the Right Pack.
The only issue I have with the comfort comes back again to the straps. Due to how thin they are and how little padding they have, even though there was an absence of much weight on my back, there was definitely pressure felt on my shoulders. After a long day of use I’d have to take the bag off for a bit just because my shoulders were definitely feeling it. However, like I said before, even though this is a problem it still performed much more admirably than a lot of other bags I have used, and cost no more than half the price of some bags I have paid for. So this is only really a minor inconvenience.

Jansport Right Pack


All in all, you could not ask for a better bag for the price. This bag would be an excellent choice for an Uni or High school student, or even just as an everyday casual bag for the daily commute. I have used it for the past two weeks and unless i’m going to have a lot of stuff on me, I will most definitely be using the bag as my go to casual everyday bag (Yes I have many different bag use case scenarios). If anybody is looking for a low cost bag for their everyday use I would be hard pressed to recommend a better bag for just that.


You can find the JanSport Right Pack along with the  rest of our great JanSport range available at Rushfaster now.

Enjoy making videos and/or taking great photos? Want to review a bag on our blog? Contact us and we’ll send some info to help you on your way to writing the perfect review!

Everyday Carry Essentials

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Everyday Carry Essentials


1. Field Accessory Pouch Kanoko by Herschel Supply Co. | $39.95

View the Herschel Supply Co. Field Accessory Pouch.


2. Powerstation Pro Portable Device Charger by Mophie | $129.95

View the Mophie 6000 mAh Powerstation Pro Portable Device Charger.


3. Voice Activated Alarm Clock by Braun | $129.95

View the Braun Voice Activated Alarm Clock.


4. Studio Ballpoint Pen Brushed Stainless Steel by Lamy | $124.95

View the Lamy Studio Ballpoint Pen Brushed Stainless Steel.


5. Union Wallet Oak by Madera | $74.95

View the Madera Union Wallet Oak.


6. Mini Buckle Keychain Silver by Chrome | $49.95

View the Chrome Mini Buckle Keychain Silver.


7. Calculator Black by Braun | $59.95

View the Braun Calculator Black.

Great Camera Bags for the Sony A7

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Sony a7 Best Bags Rushfaster Blog

A year ago, Sony shook the camera world by introducing the world’s first autofocus full-frame mirrorless cameras, the Sony A7 and the Sony A7R. The releases proved that quality, full-frame cameras could not only come in a small & light package, but also equal the performance of conventional DSLRs. Since then, they’ve released the Sony A7S, one of the best, if not the best, video-capable full-frame camera. And in a few days time, the updated and improved version of the Sony A7, the Sony A7II will be made available for purchase.

We here at Rushfaster have been big fans of the Sony A7 series; we’ve got a couple in our office. And we’ve taken time to go through the numerous bags we offer and handpicked a number of them that we think are great for Sony A7 users, just in time for Christmas.

Sony A7 Best Bags Crumpler The Pleasure Dome

1. The Pleasure Dome (M) Compact System Camera Bag by Crumpler | $55.00

The Pleasure Dome by Crumpler is a compact bag, ideal for those who don’t really have that many things to carry with the Sony A7. It fits the A7 quite snuggly in its padded compartment to prevent it from fumbling around. Internal pockets allow you to store batteries, memory cards and lens cleaners, essentials that you’d be carrying around with your camera.

Sony A7 Best Bags Crumpler The Pleasure Dome

View the Crumpler The Pleasure Dome (M) Compact System Camera Bag.


Sony A7 Best Bags Manfrotto Advanced Tri Small DSLR Backpack

2. Advanced Tri Small DSLR Backpack by Manfrotto | $119.95

If you prefer a backpack to carry your camera gear, then the Manfrotto Advanced Tri Small DSLR Backpack is just for you. Don’t be fooled by the “small” moniker. It’s quite spacious for a DSLR, making it more than sufficient for a Sony A7 user by letting you store the camera body and multiple lenses. The compartments are customisable to your preference and the upper area of the bag can be used to store notebooks and other middle-sized miscellaneous items.

Sony A7 Best Bags Manfrotto Advanced Tri Small DSLR Backpack

View the Manfrotto Advanced Tri Small DSLR Backpack.


Sony A7 Best Bags Crumpler 5 Million Dollar Home

3. 5 Million Dollar Home DSLR Camera Bag by Crumpler | $120.00

Another bag designed to store a DSLR and a couple of lenses, this bag offers a generous amount of space for A7 users. Customisable dividers, a padded main compartment, mesh pockets to store the little things, all in a water resistant bag.

Sony A7 Best Bags Crumpler 5 Million Dollar Home

View the Crumpler 5 Million Dollar Home DSLR Camera Bag.


Sony A7 Best Bags Booq Python Camera Shoulder Bag

4. Python Mirrorless Camera Shoulder Bag by Booq | $89.95

The Booq Python mirrorless camera shoulder bag are for those who need absolute durability and protection for their Sony A7 cameras. Made from ballistic nylon with a water-repellent coating and fitted with rubberised YKK zippers, this bag designed to handle harsh weathers. The camera compartment is densely padded and it even has enough space for an iPad mini. The bag is topped of with a wide seatbelt-nylon shoulder strap, making it comfortable to use.

Sony A7 Best Bags Booq Python Camera Shoulder Bag

View the Booq Python Mirrorless Camera Shoulder Bag.


Sony A7 Best Bags Chrome Niko DSLR Messenger Sling Pack

5. Niko DSLR Messenger Sling Pack by Chrome | $179.95

Quick access is vital for fast shooters. So, this Niko DSLR Messenger Sling Pack is designed for those who need to have their camera out from their bags in a matter of seconds. Being a bag designed for larger, bulkier DSLRs, it offers ample space for Sony A7 users to store much more gear and other miscellaneous items that would otherwise be left out if you had a DSLR instead. A compartment on the top allows you to separate your main camera gear from all the other items that you would need to bring along as you’re out and about.

Sony A7 Best Bags Chrome Niko DSLR Messenger Sling Pack

View the Chrome Niko DSLR Messenger Sling Pack.


Sony a7 Best Bags Crumpler The Haven Main

6. The Haven DSLR Protective Pouch (M) by Crumpler | $59.00

Crumpler’s “The Haven” DSLR protective pouch is perfect for those who’d rather use their own bags to carry around their camera gear. As it is designed for DSLRs, there’s more than enough space for you to store your Sony A7 and multiple lenses in this well-padded pouch. Using the two slimline dividers provided, it allows you to customise how you want to organise the pouch to suit your needs.

Sony a7 Best Bags Crumpler The Haven Details

View the Crumpler The Haven DSLR Protective Pouch (M).