Great Camera Bags for the Sony A7

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Sony a7 Best Bags Rushfaster Blog

A year ago, Sony shook the camera world by introducing the world’s first autofocus full-frame mirrorless cameras, the Sony A7 and the Sony A7R. The releases proved that quality, full-frame cameras could not only come in a small & light package, but also equal the performance of conventional DSLRs. Since then, they’ve released the Sony A7S, one of the best, if not the best, video-capable full-frame camera. And in a few days time, the updated and improved version of the Sony A7, the Sony A7II will be made available for purchase.

We here at Rushfaster have been big fans of the Sony A7 series; we’ve got a couple in our office. And we’ve taken time to go through the numerous bags we offer and handpicked a number of them that we think are great for Sony A7 users, just in time for Christmas.

Sony A7 Best Bags Crumpler The Pleasure Dome

1. The Pleasure Dome (M) Compact System Camera Bag by Crumpler | $55.00

The Pleasure Dome by Crumpler is a compact bag, ideal for those who don’t really have that many things to carry with the Sony A7. It fits the A7 quite snuggly in its padded compartment to prevent it from fumbling around. Internal pockets allow you to store batteries, memory cards and lens cleaners, essentials that you’d be carrying around with your camera.

Sony A7 Best Bags Crumpler The Pleasure Dome

View the Crumpler The Pleasure Dome (M) Compact System Camera Bag.


Sony A7 Best Bags Manfrotto Advanced Tri Small DSLR Backpack

2. Advanced Tri Small DSLR Backpack by Manfrotto | $119.95

If you prefer a backpack to carry your camera gear, then the Manfrotto Advanced Tri Small DSLR Backpack is just for you. Don’t be fooled by the “small” moniker. It’s quite spacious for a DSLR, making it more than sufficient for a Sony A7 user by letting you store the camera body and multiple lenses. The compartments are customisable to your preference and the upper area of the bag can be used to store notebooks and other middle-sized miscellaneous items.

Sony A7 Best Bags Manfrotto Advanced Tri Small DSLR Backpack

View the Manfrotto Advanced Tri Small DSLR Backpack.


Sony A7 Best Bags Crumpler 5 Million Dollar Home

3. 5 Million Dollar Home DSLR Camera Bag by Crumpler | $120.00

Another bag designed to store a DSLR and a couple of lenses, this bag offers a generous amount of space for A7 users. Customisable dividers, a padded main compartment, mesh pockets to store the little things, all in a water resistant bag.

Sony A7 Best Bags Crumpler 5 Million Dollar Home

View the Crumpler 5 Million Dollar Home DSLR Camera Bag.


Sony A7 Best Bags Booq Python Camera Shoulder Bag

4. Python Mirrorless Camera Shoulder Bag by Booq | $89.95

The Booq Python mirrorless camera shoulder bag are for those who need absolute durability and protection for their Sony A7 cameras. Made from ballistic nylon with a water-repellent coating and fitted with rubberised YKK zippers, this bag designed to handle harsh weathers. The camera compartment is densely padded and it even has enough space for an iPad mini. The bag is topped of with a wide seatbelt-nylon shoulder strap, making it comfortable to use.

Sony A7 Best Bags Booq Python Camera Shoulder Bag

View the Booq Python Mirrorless Camera Shoulder Bag.


Sony A7 Best Bags Chrome Niko DSLR Messenger Sling Pack

5. Niko DSLR Messenger Sling Pack by Chrome | $179.95

Quick access is vital for fast shooters. So, this Niko DSLR Messenger Sling Pack is designed for those who need to have their camera out from their bags in a matter of seconds. Being a bag designed for larger, bulkier DSLRs, it offers ample space for Sony A7 users to store much more gear and other miscellaneous items that would otherwise be left out if you had a DSLR instead. A compartment on the top allows you to separate your main camera gear from all the other items that you would need to bring along as you’re out and about.

Sony A7 Best Bags Chrome Niko DSLR Messenger Sling Pack

View the Chrome Niko DSLR Messenger Sling Pack.


Sony a7 Best Bags Crumpler The Haven Main

6. The Haven DSLR Protective Pouch (M) by Crumpler | $59.00

Crumpler’s “The Haven” DSLR protective pouch is perfect for those who’d rather use their own bags to carry around their camera gear. As it is designed for DSLRs, there’s more than enough space for you to store your Sony A7 and multiple lenses in this well-padded pouch. Using the two slimline dividers provided, it allows you to customise how you want to organise the pouch to suit your needs.

Sony a7 Best Bags Crumpler The Haven Details

View the Crumpler The Haven DSLR Protective Pouch (M).

Brand Focus: Poler

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Portland based brand, Poler Stuff was first founded in 2011 by Portland natives, Benji Wagner and Kharma Vella. What started out as an idea to bring more of a culture to the world of outdoor gear, Poler Stuff have grown at an incredibly rapid pace, now being recognised as one of the top outdoor gear brands in the world.

Poler StuffL to R: Benji Wagner and Kharma Vella, the masterminds behind Poler Stuff.

Before coming onto the scene, there was very little emphasis on the story and culture behind outdoor gear brands – not to say that there weren’t any great outdoor products available, but most of them lacked the culture that so many other brands represented - so the creative masterminds behind Poler Stuff saw this as an opportunity to create something great for the outdoor world, something that would finally give people something to grab onto and want to be a part of.

In the most simplest form; Poler Stuff made outdoor gear ‘cool’.

Poler StuffPoler Stuff’s Napsack sleeping bag serves as one of the brand’s first designs and is partly responsible for putting the brand on the map.

With an emphasis on freedom, adventure and the great outdoors, the Poler Stuff boys are continuously documenting their trips across the globe, while using Poler Stuff gear to exemplify the best use of their products.

Poler StuffA snapshot from Poler Stuff’s ‘Adventure #89′ photo journal. 

With Poler Stuff’s incredibly quick worldwide success, it’s hard to believe that the brand has only been around for as little as four years. And if the last four years are anything to go by, we think it’s safe to say that there are many more good things to come.

Check out our full range of Poler Stuff and get in on the #campvibes. You know you want to.

Ethnotek Raja Backpack Review

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Ethnotek Raja Backpack

The Ethnotek Raja Backpack is a vibrant, everyday carry companion constructed from 840-denier ballistic nylon to ensure maximum durability. Featuring an interchangeable front panel, the Ethnotek Raja Backpack gives you the freedom to wear the backpack with or without the colour injection – a feature favoured by those who have a hard time committing to colour!

Rushfaster customer, Kelly Eng recently submitted a great review outlining her experience with the Ethnotek Raja Backpack.

Thanks again for the awesome review, Kelly! Always good to see a Rushfaster favourite being put to good use – The Rushfaster Team.

Ethnotek Raja Backpack

Who doesn’t love a new bag? Sans biscuit crumbs, blotchy ink stains and mashed banana odours, a new bag speaks of fresh hope and adventure.

My first impression of the Raja rolltop backpack is of quality: it feels super-sturdy and reliable. The tag says it’s made of 840-denier water-resistant ballistic nylon. Given my stockings are generally about 40-denier, this must mean the bag is practically bullet proof!

Ethnotek Raja Backpack

Functionality aside for a moment, the Raja is also very handsome. There is a colourful fabric panel, called a Thread™, that can easily be removed if you wish to go all black. It’s also interchangeable if you prefer a different pattern (you can purchase extra Threads separately). The rainbow-like fabric that came with my Raja was handmade in Guatamala. Ethnotek source their fabrics from villages in Asia, South America and Africa to celebrate and preserve traditional craft, and in the case of my Raja, social responsibility resulted in something beautiful.

Ethnotek Raja Backpack

Comfort-wise, the Raja backpack has some kick-arse features. My shoulders appreciated the padded straps and the cross-chest buckles, while my lumbar region loved the ergonomic padded supports. Even better, the padded supports are made of air mesh, increasing airflow and bringing sweet relief to sweaty backs. A god-send on 30-plus degree summer days.

It’s a good size too. At 47 litres it’s deep and I can easily fit all my day’s essentials in. My lap top and A4 work folders slot in and stay upright and protected, while my gym gear, work high heels and lunchbox sit nicely in the main compartment. Side pockets (lined with fabric – nice touch!) make a good home for drink bottles and iPods/apples/cameras.

Ethnotek Raja Backpack

The big roll top folds down easily and allows you to secure everything in. There’s also a long side flap that gives easy access to items at the bottom of the bag and saves you from pulling everything out the top.

The Ethnotek Raja backpack would be a useful addition to your bag wardrobe. Whether you are pounding the pavement toward the office, lugging your law books to uni or tip-toeing by a grizzly bear lakeside, the Raja backpack is adaptable and up for life’s challenges.

Ethnotek Raja Backpack

It is more expensive than your average backpack, but if you are looking for a backpack that combines durability, functionality and impressive storage capacity with good looks, the Raja will go the distance. And it has a social conscience.

Thanks Raja.

PS. A bit of trivia. Raja means ‘king’ in Hindi.

You can find the Ethnotek Raja Backpack along with the  rest of our great Ethnotek range available at Rushfaster now.

Enjoy making videos and/or taking great photos? Want to review a bag on our blog? Contact us and we’ll send some info to help you on your way to writing the perfect review!

Men’s Wallets

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Men's wallets

As a guy, you’re probably more than aware that a handbag is not an option, so finding a wallet that accommodates your needs in terms of size, aesthetic and versatility is crucial. Luckily, we have an extensive range of Men’s wallets currently available at Rushfaster that’ll help assist with your everyday carry.

We’ve picked out 8 Men’s wallets from our available collection to help you get on the right track.



1. The Mesh Card  by Silo | $89.95

The Mesh card is a revolutionary new pocket tool created by Australian masterminds, Silo. It can hold up to 8 credit cards and weighs a minuscule 12g. Also featuring an iPhone stand and bottle opener, The Silo Mesh Card packs a whole lot of punch for an incredibly small device.

View the Silo Mesh Card.


men's wallets

2. The Abraham Wallet  by Sandqvist | $109.95

Sandqvist’s Abraham Wallet is beautifully crafted from vegetable tanned leather and can accommodate up to 6 cards. Featuring 2 stash pockets and a rear coin compartment, The Abraham Wallet is a sleek, minimal design, perfect for a guy who’s after something a little more classic.

View the The Sandqvist Abraham Wallet.



3. The Charlie Leather Wallet  by Herschel Supply Co. | $49.95

The Charlie Leather Wallet by Herschel is a minimally designed card wallet offering a enough space for your license and a couple of credit cards. Herschel’s Charlie Wallet is made from a Tanned, pebble-textured leather and is perfect if you’re someone who doesn’t carry a whole lot in their wallets.

View the The Herschel Charlie Leather Wallet.



4. The Henry Wallet  by Stitch & Hide | $89.95

Crafted from premium vegetable tanned leather, Stitch & Hide’s Henry Wallet features 13 slots for cards and cash, contrast cream stitching and an additional transparent ID compartment. The Henry Wallet is a classic bi-fold style and is well suited if you’re a guy who’s got a fair bit of pocket contents to carry.

View the The Stitch & Hide Henry Wallet.



5. The Hide & Seek Wallet  by Bellroy | $89.95

Wallet connoisseurs, Bellroy are well known for their impeccable collection of leather wallets, and their ability to create styles that accommodate a number of cards and cash without becoming too bulky. Bellroy’s Hide & Seek wallet is a sleek, contemporary design that can accommodate up to 11 cards and features a hidden note compartment for all your secrets… or extra cash.

View the The Bellroy Hide & Seek Wallet.



6. The No. 8 Wallet  by Bison Made | $169.95

Bison Made’s No. 8 wallet is a rugged, heavy duty style. Made from a premium leather construction, Bison’s No. 8 Wallet features no lining, rubber or glue, instead only the contrast stitching that is visible on the front. All Bison Made’s products come with a lifetime guarantee too… not that you’ll be needing to return it anytime soon.

View the The Bison Made No. 8 Wallet.


Men's Wallets

7. The Fritz Card Holder  by Seventy Eight Percent | $109.95

The Fritz Card Holder by Seventy Eight Percent features three separate slots that can hold credit cards, business cards and cash. Designed to hold only what’s necessary, the Fritz Card Holder features an elasticated cord to assist in keeping your cards safe.

View the The Seventy Eight Percent Fritz Card Holder.



8. The Jonah Wallet  by Status Anxiety | $64.95

Constructed from high grade vegetable tanned French leather, the Jonah Wallet by local brand, Status Anxiety features 5 card slots and an uplift ID compartment. Offering a clean, classic aesthetic, the Jonah Wallet is a perfect, no-fuss design, perfect for every guy.

View the The Status Anxiety Jonah Wallet.


We Chat With Orbitkey

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Orbitkey is a revolutionary new way to carry your keys. Founded in Melbourne, Victoria by childhood friends, Charles Ng and Rex Kuo, Orbitkey was created with an aim to inspire and change the way people interacted with their keys.

Serving as a Rushfaster favourite, Orbitkey has already shown impeccable growth since joining us late last year. With out first batch of Orbitkey products selling out within the first few weeks, it was pretty clear from the beginning that these guys were on to something.

We had the pleasure of chatting with Charles and Rex to discuss the idea behind their successful brand, and also to find out a little bit more about the designers themselves.

Thanks for the great interview guys. We look forward to seeing how the Orbitkey brand will evolve, and are happy to be apart of it!


Can you please introduce yourselves. Who are the masterminds and team behind the Orbitkey brand?

Hello everyone, first of all thanks for the opportunity to be featured here. We are Charles and Rex, the co-founders of Orbitkey. Charles holds the position as the creative director of Orbitkey whereas Rex acts as the Business Development Manager. In other words, Charles draws and makes stuff and Rex thinks of ways to build a sustainable business out of it. Focusing on creating beautiful, elegant and practical solution to everyday carrying, we are set on a mission to change and inspire the way people interact with their keys. In short, we want everyone to love their keys.

What sparked the initial idea for Orbitkey?

Initially, the first prototype of Orbitkey was made to solve Charles’ issue of jingling keys when exercising. It was as simple as keys stacked together and fastened with a screw and nut found in the toolbox. Remembering it now, it was pretty crude but it did what we wanted it to do, which was to eliminate noise.

Can you describe the process from concept to product for us? (including a timeline)

The entire process of concept to product delivery took around 18 months and it includes back and forth process between prototyping, design development, research, engineering, fund raising and manufacturing. Unlike typical product design projects Charles had been involved in previously where it starts with research and lots of sketches, the design process for Orbitkey started with a series of prototypes and lots of trial and error.

Originally Charles was the only target audience and the whole purpose was to eliminate key jingle during exercise. With this goal in mind, taking off individual key off the keychain and carrying it separately makes the most sense. However this quickly became troublesome especially when you forget to re-attach it to your keychain and lock yourself out of the house.

Keeping the keys together by using a simple rubber band kept the keys neat and quiet, however it was very fiddly and difficult to access the keys. Towards the end of this initial stage, Charles transitioned to the idea of running a standard screw through the key holes and keeping them fastened with a nut.

Although theoretically the screw and nut mechanism was a good solution, Charles quickly realized that the device would come undone and he ended up with keys all over his pocket. Using mechanical glue to lock the thread of the screw was an effective solution but it prevented Charles from disassembling the keys altogether and restricted the mechanisms ability to accommodate for different number of keys.

When Rex saw the opportunity in the idea, we shifted our approach and tailored the brief to suit a lot more people. This is what lead us to look at others way to challenge the traditional ways of key carrying, we looked at what needed improvement (unorganized, bulky, key scratches etc.), what was available already on the market and set out to design something that people can be proud to carry.

One of the biggest challenges in the design process was to come up with a mechanism that works with different number of keys and will not come undone accidentally.

It took us a while until we came up with a solution in which the locking tabs in the mechanism drops into a designated slot when locked. Spring washer was incorporated to keep this locking tab in position but also to the user to fasten their stack of keys to the tension level desired.

6 months later, after more design development, prototypes and testing, we settled with the design which is known today as the Orbitkey. The next step was figuring out how we should launch and introduce the idea to our customers.

We were aware of the growing popularity in crowd funding and thought it would be the best way for us to launch our business idea. It took us almost 3 months to construct our Kickstarter campaign and the process includes filming, photography, the 30-day funding period on Kickstarter was the perfect way to launch Orbitkey as through the campaign, we gained media attention, invaluable feedback and of course funding.

The next 4 months post Kickstarter campaign was one of the most exciting, stressful and fulfilling experiences we had. We flew to China, lived there for 3 months until we settled with the production quality we were happy with. At the end, we delivered Orbitkey to a lot of happy supporters within the promised time frame.

So far we’ve seen an incredible response to Orbitkey, what direction do you foresee the brand going in with future designs and products?

At the moment, we’re looking at more ways to improve the Orbitkey. There will be more variation in the strap design as well as new accessories coming in the near future.

Whilst it’s in our best interest to expand our range, we do not want to launch another product just for the sake of it. But whatever it is we come up with, we aim to stay true to our brand and current customers. We want to create innovative products that are both beautiful and functional – not just one or another.

When do your best ideas hit you?

They didn’t happen in any specific time, kind of wish I could say all the time! Guess when you’ve been dwelling on the problem for a little while, you’ll never know when it will hit you. It could be anytime and anywhere.

In the past, I had thought of solution to a design problem lying in bed when trying to fall asleep. I even dreamt of something once and got out of bed just to sketch it out on paper / note it down on my phone.

When the idea of the special locking mechanism hit me, I remember getting very excited and driving down to Rex’s house close to midnight to show him the rough idea of how it might work.

What innovative everyday carry products are we likely to find in your workspace?

Where should we start..? Coming from crowdfunding background, we are huge supporters of other projects so we do have a lot of them lying around in our workspace.

Here are some of our favourite gears:
– MaCo Cable Organiser by ThreeOneDesign – We love how it keeps our cords from falling off the desk when not being used. During transit, it works as a magnetic cable tie.
– Slide Camera Strap by Peak Design – One of the nicest looking and comfortable strap. Also love being able to take off the strap and put it back on very easily with the smart anchor system.
Note Sleeve – Everyone probably knows why we love anything Bellroy, they probably would have owned one too.
– Convoy by Madera – Convoy case comes with a compartment for sim card and pin. Also check out their slim wallet especially if you’re wood lovers!
Crumpler ASO Outpost – This bag is unreal. Carried it through workspaces in China + Japan over 5 months and it’s holding up really nicely.
– Swell bottle – Bottle looks great and we love the fact that it keeps your liquid warm in winter and cool in summer!
– Nomad Charger USB Cable – Working on the go, we rely on this a lot. It’s saved us trouble so many times.

Can we see a pocket dump/desk organisation pic?

How about both?



In the world of product design, specifically those focused on everyday carry, what brands or products are currently on your radar?

Everyday carry world is getting crowded very quickly. There are quite a few strong brands that seem to know how to stand out. Some of the ones we really look up to are Bellroy, Mujjo, QWSTION, Cote et Ciel, Grovemade and Gravis.

What did life before Orbitkey incorporate?

We both came from very different backgrounds.

Rex was in the health industry, having worked as a pharmacist for a few years. On the side, he’s also run a few other businesses in the clothing industry.

Charles was working as an Industrial designer for a product design consultancy based in Melbourne + Sydney. He was involved in the development of a wide variety of including medical, consumer and business technology products.

A year before launching Orbitkey on Kickstarter, we were doing a lot of the work on the project after work and on the weekend. Actually this hasn’t changed because we still work after hours and on the weekend even now.

What relative trivia could you tell us about the Orbitkey brand that our readers don’t yet know?

- Charles + Rex were high school friends
– We were planning to launch on Indiegogo before Kickstarter
– The parts in our locking mechanism are individually CNC-machined from a block of Aluminium 7075.
– We spent 3 months in China working closely with the manufacturers until we were happy with the product.
– Charles quit his job working at one of Australia’s top product design firms halfway through the crowdfunding campaign.

And lastly, how about a happy snap of the geniuses behind the Orbitkey brand?

Hope this photo expresses the happiness in us.


You can shop our complete range of Orbitkey products over at Rushfaster.