OrbitKey Keyring Replacement

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OrbitKey Keyring Replacement

Melbourne based brand, OrbitKey is the newest addition to the Rushfaster family, and allows for you to condense a number of keys into its compact, slim silhouette, eliminating the days of rattling keys.

With an aim to inspire and change the way people interacted with their keys, the idea for the OrbitKey first came about when one of OrbitKey’s designers, Charles XX created a prototype to solve his pet hate of rattling keys. Fast forward to 2014 and the you’ll find that the OrbitKey has had immeasurable success, and it’s no surprise.

Check out our range of OrbitKey products below. You can shop our complete range of OrbitKey on Rushfaster now.


OrbitKey Keyring Replacement

1. The Premium Leather Key Organiser  by OrbitKey | $39.95

OrbitKey’s Premium Leather Key Organiser is made from genuine cowhide leather and uses a locking mechanism that holds your keys together eliminating the all too familiar key rattling. The Key Organiser can accommodate up to 7 standard sized keys and is available in 6 different colour ways.

View the The OrbitKey Premium Leather Key Organiser.


OrbitKey Keyring Replacement

2. The Active Elastomer Key Organiser  by OrbitKey | $29.95

The Active Elastomer Key Organiser by OrbitKey is made from durable, lightweight TPU Elastomer polymer and is available in 3 different colour ways. Made to accommodate up to 7 standard sized keys, the Active Elastomer Key Organiser serves as a more suitable option if you’re not a huge fan of leather.

View the The OrbitKey Active Elastomer Key Organiser.


OrbitKey Keyring Replacement

3. The Bottle Opener  by OrbitKey | $39.95

OrbitKey’s Bottle Opener does exactly what it suggests; opens bottles. But unlike a lot of bottle openers, it does so with an incredibly attractive aesthetic and a slim, compact exterior. Constructed from stainless steel, OrbitKey’s Bottle Opener makes for a convenient addition to your OrbitKey Key Organiser.

View the The OrbitKey Bottle Opener.


OrbitKey Keyring Replacement

4. The 8GB USB Key & 32GB by OrbitKey | $19.95

The USB Key by OrbitKey comes in two different sizes, 8GB and 32GB, and is a slim, minimal USB drive that fits seamlessly into ObritKey’s Key Organiser, further enhancing your OrbitKey experience.

View the The 8GB USB Key & 32GB.

Cool 17″ Laptop Backpacks

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17" Laptop Backpacks

At Rushfaster we have a great range of 17″ Laptop Backpacks that will offer further support and safety for your 17″ laptop whilst on the go. Today we check out five of the best 17″ Laptop Backpacks on the store (you can view the entire range here).


17" Laptop Backpacks

1. The Cottown Klosser 17″ Laptop Backpack  by Eastpak | $119.95

Eastpak’s Cottown Klosser 17″ Laptop Backpack is an all purpose backpack for all your carrying needs, giving you great functionality whilst retaining a clean, well designed look. Featuring excellent finishing details in leather and metal, the Cottown Klosser features a padded laptop sleeve that accommodates up to a 17″ laptop, multi-purpose front pockets and a spacious main compartment with a magnetic closure.

View the Eastpak Cottown Klosser 17″ Laptop Backpack.


17" Laptop Backpacks

2. The 17″ Laptop Daypack  by Topo Designs | $159.95

The 17″ Laptop Daypack by Topo Designs is an ideal travel companion for a daily hike in the hills. Constructed from high quality materials such as 1000d Cordura for the exterior, and coated pack cloth for an entirely lined inner compartment, Topo Designs’ 17″ Laptop Daypack is a heavy duty number that also features straps reinforced with seatbelt webbing to ensure your items remain secure in the bag while maintaining a compact shape.

View the Topo Designs Expandable 17″ Laptop Daypack.


17" Laptop Backpacks

3. The Isar 17″ Laptop Rucksack  by Cote&Ciel | $299.95

Cote&Ciel’s Isar 17″ Laptop Rucksack is an ergonomic backpack built for creatives and entrepreneurs on the move. Offering enough storage space for your everyday essentials whilst maintaining a slim profile to minimise bulk, the Isar 17″ Laptop Rucksack offers a contemporary design with additional features such as dual full length zippers that follow the perimeter of the backpack, enabling easy access to all your items whilst packing, and two internal compression straps on the bag help to minimise volume and bulk.

View the Cote&Ciel Isar 17″ Laptop Rucksack.


17" Laptop Backpacks

4. The Eco-Friendly 17″ Laptop Backpack  by Bluelounge | $199.95

Bluelounge’s 17″ Laptop Backpack includes all the features you need to fashionably and comfortably carry your devices. A versatile backpack to protect your Laptop, Tablet and all the rest of your essentials, allowing you to commute in style. Roll the top up, or fold it over depending on your mood. The ergonomic shoulder straps contour around the neck to fit just right on the body. Styled with custom aluminium carabiners and quick-release thumb levers, creating a custom fit is virtually effortless. Made of Durable 100% recycled pet plastic bottles.

View the Bluelounge Eco-Friendly 17″ Laptop Backpack.


17" Laptop Backpacks

5. The Annex 17″ Laptop Backpack  by Burton | $109.95

Burton’s Annex 17″ Laptop Backpack features a large main compartment with internal organisation, a 17″ laptop compartment and an additional fleece-lined sleeve for your tablet or small laptop. Flip up the expedition-inspired rucksack hood to securely stash your valuables, while tools and electronics all find a home in the multiple padded and fleece-lined pockets.

View the Burton Annex 17″ Laptop Backpack.

The Poler Roamers Pack Review

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Poler Stuff’s Roamers Pack 15″ Laptop Backpack is constructed from Poler’s 1000D Campdura material and lined with 420D nylon for additional strength. Suitable for everyday trekking, The Roamer Pack serves as a great style for someone who finds one or two pockets too few, not to mention, it’s a pretty handsome companion too.

Poler Stuff are best known for creating impeccably designed outdoor products that assist and benefit the everyday adventurer and explorer, while keeping a heavy eye on their detail and aesthetic.

Loyal Rushfaster customer, Kristian Hollis recently sent in this great review, outlining his most recent experience with the The Poler Roamers Pack.

Thanks for the awesome review, Kristian. Your Roamers Pack is looking pretty damn good! – The Rushfaster Team.

Poler Roamers Pack

Let me get this out straight off the bat: I like a bag with pockets. The more, the better. Big ones, little ones, deep ones. Pockets that let me organise my portables just so. And I especially love pockets when my bag has my laptop in it, giving me extra space for those easy-to-lose items that you can never find when you need them and don’t want to go hand-diving for.

So straight out of the box, Poler’s The Roamer laptop backpack appealed. On the outside, The Roamer has three decently-sized zip pockets for storing items like a laptop charger or a “George Costanza”-type wallet. The bag also includes a small, personal-media type pocket in the flap, but more on this later.

Poler Roamers Pack

Maybe it’s just me, but if I spend my hard earned cash on a laptop, I want the bag I use to have some kind of padding to protect it. I’m pleased to say, The Roamer does have enough padding to ease the mind. The laptop pocket had adequate space for my Macbook as well as the random wads of paper I usually throw in for safekeeping.

For wearing, the bag is, well, a bag. But there isn’t a need to reinvent the wheel and the general idea of portable storage ain’t broke, so there seems like nothing to fix. It sits nice and high off the waist for our fixed-gear riding friends.

On the inside however, The Roamer seems to be lacking in one important feature—general storage space. Without a laptop, The roamer has plenty of room, a regular Mary Poppins bag. Adding my Macbook to the mix seems to reduce the space an inordinate amount, turning this sweet little backpack into more of a rucksack.

That said, the 24L capacity provided enough space for my laptop, iPad, a notebook and, with a little creative packing (Thank God I spent all those years playing Tetris), my lunch container. What’s more, The Roamer did all this in a much more stylish fashion than the hessian sack I normally use to fit all my stuff.

Poler Roamers Pack

Onto the flap-pocket. What’s with that flap-pocket? Having already professed my love of pockets, let me say I’m not a fan of flap pockets. More than useless, I find them to be destructive to the overall feel of a bag, and they make it difficult to use the flap. Put anything heavy in there and opening/closing the flap becomes a game of Russian Roulette for whacked fingers. The Roamer’s flap-pocket is no different, but this was a problem easily solved by using it only sparingly and usually for smaller items.

Aesthetically, The Roamer is pleasingly uncomplicated, but not too ground-breaking, following the tried-and-tested heritage-style college simplicity made famous by Herschel.

Unlike its contemporaries though, The Roamer benefits from a dual metal clip and flap closure system, something I am a big fan of. Magnets are too insecure for my tastes and buckles take too long and make me hangry when I’m in a rush to get my lunch out of my bag. The clips even have the working-parts facing inwards making arbitrary theft less of a concern, or at least harder for a thief to pull off. The clips feel solid and the spring mechanism reliable.

Poler Roamers Pack

The material itself, 1000D Campdura (I’d never heard of it before either), was ever-so slightly stiff straight out of the box, but broke in significantly over the week of constant use.

But getting to the rub though, any bag, regardless of aesthetics, materials or capacity, is only as good as its straps. Your hard-won D&D Bag of Holding ain’t worth shit if the straps are -2 to Dexterity, if you know what I mean.

Poler Roamers Pack

The Roamer’s straps are refreshingly comfortable. They are a little on the thin and narrow side to be overly comfortable when the bag is loaded up, but this will likely not be something you notice if you only carry less than a few days supply of food, unlike me. (We’ll see who’s crazy when the zombie apocalypse starts, sucker.)

Poler Roamers Pack

Like many things though, the devil is in the detail, and Portland outfit, Poler have obviously put some time into details beyond horn-rimmed glasses, waxed moustaches, fixed-gear bikes and ironically non-conformist conformity. The embossed logo on the metal clips and pressed leather zip-pulls made the bag feel more bespoke than something off a production line, and while The Roamer isn’t something I’ll be handing down my bloodline, it’s nice to feel that Poler cares about the small things.

Poler Roamers Pack

Overall: 8.5/10
Style: 8.5/10
Size: 8/10
General Storage: 6/10
External pockets: 11/10

You can find the Poler Roamers Pack along with the  rest of our great Poler range available at Rushfaster now.

Enjoy making videos and/or taking great photos? Want to review a bag on our blog? Contact us and we’ll send some info to help you on your way to writing the perfect review!

Best Laptop Backpacks For The 13″ MacBook Pro

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Laptop Backpacks For MacBook Pro 13"

If you own a MacBook, it’s wise to invest in a suitable laptop backpack. Not only will a laptop backpack ensure extra protection for your device, but it’ll also make for a much more convenient way to transport your gear while travelling.

We’ve put together a list of some of the best laptop backpacks for the 13″ MacBook Pro. Check it out below.


laptop backpacks for 13" MacBook pro

1. The Yee-Ross 13″ Laptop Backpack by Crumpler | $110.00

Crumpler’s Yee-Ross 13″ Laptop Backpack features a generous 13L compartment on the front, an incredibly durable 900D exterior and a rip stop lined interior. Featuring 2 external side-opening zippered pockets for easier access, The Yee-Ross Backpack also features Air Mesh padding on the rear of the bag and underside of the harness to aid in moisture control.

View the Crumpler The Yee-Ross 13″ Laptop Backpack.


Laptop Backpacks For MacBook Pro 13"

2. The Baked Bean 13″ Laptop Backpack by Crumpler | $125.00

The Baked Bean 13″ Laptop Backpack by Crumpler features a water resistant and anti abrasive field twill exterior, 4 Storage zones for additional storage, and 2 Zipped external front pockets for easy access to smaller items such as a phone, camera, etc. Offering a lightweight, compact design, the Baked Bean 13″ Laptop Backpack is the perfect companion for school and day trips.

View the The Baked Bean 13″ Laptop Backpack.


Laptop Backpacks For MacBook Pro 13"

3. The Settlement 15″ Laptop Backpack  by Herschel | $89.95

Herschel’s Settlement 15″ Laptop Backpack is a simplistic and practical backpack with a fitted silhouette. Featuring an exposed zipper design, the Settlement is a slightly slimmer and longer cut than your run of the mill day pack with a spacious and open main compartment to stash your books and a jumper. Additional features include an internal key clip, a 15″ laptop compartment, and an internal iPod pocket with a rubber grommet that gives you easier access to your headphones.

View the Herschel Settlement 15″ Laptop Backpack.


Laptop Backpacks For MacBook Pro 13"

4. The Little America Mid Volume 13″ Backpack  by Herschel | $139.95

The Little America Mid Volume Laptop Backpack is a smaller version of their well known Little America model, featuring a 13″ laptop compartment, a cinch top closure for extra security, and a ventilated air mesh back padding that maximises comfort when carrying. With additional features such as a magnetic closure that assists in easier and quicker access, the Little America Mid Volume Laptop Backpack is a bag that combines plenty of function with an extremely handsome aesthetic.

View the Herschel Little America Mid Volume 13″ Laptop Backpack.


Laptop Backpacks For MacBook Pro 13"

5. The Jimmy 13″ Laptop Backpack  by Sandqvist | $199.95

The Sandqvist Jimmy Laptop Backpack is a simple, functional and classic backpack that offers a volume of 12 litres with a laptop compartment and zipper closure. Constructed from heavy cotton canvas, Sandqvist’s Jimmy Laptop Backpack offers a clean, no-fuss aesthetic in a deep navy colour way, finished off with tan leather zip pullers.

View the Sandqvist Jimmy 13″ Laptop Backpack.


Laptop Backpacks For MacBook Pro 13"

6. The Tondo Outpost 13″ Laptop Backpack  by Crumpler | $145.00

The Tondo Outpost 13″ Laptop Backpack by Crumpler is an old school hiker style backpack that is constructed from 600D polyspun twill. Featuring a draw-string access to the main compartment, a quick access side pocket, and an adjustable rear harness system, the Tondo Outpost is a backpack built touch for the outdoor environment that will always go the extra mile in every direction.

View the The Crumpler Tondo Outpost 13″ Laptop Backpack.

Best Laptop Backpacks For MacBook Pro 15″

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Laptop Backpacks For MacBook Pro 15"

We’ve got a great range of laptop backpacks for MacBook Pro 15″ models that will ensure your device is protected while on the go.

Check out our curation below of some of our favourites. You can also view our entire range of laptop backpacks for MacBook Pro 15″ models here.


Laptop Backpacks For MacBook Pro 15"

1. The Bravo Expandable 15″ Laptop Backpack  by Chrome | $219.95

The Bravo Expandable 15″ Laptop Backpack by Chrome is a monster of a bag. Constructed from welded-waterproof, 1800-denier, military-grade, truck-tarpaulin liner, the Bravo Expandable is built incredibly tough to ensure your bag’s contents are well looked after. With additional features such as a waterproof external-zipper front compartment, a 15″ laptop compartment, and cross-compression straps to secure large-haul items, the Bravo Expandable makes for an extremely durable backpack with a generous amount of space.

View the Chrome Expandable 15″ Laptop Backpack.

Laptop Backpacks For MacBook Pro 15"

2. The Pop Quiz 15″ Laptop Backpack  by Herschel | $119.95

The Pop Quiz 15″ Laptop Backpack is a Herschel original and a Rushfaster favourite. Serving as a minimal, no-fuss style, the Pop Quiz features a fully padded, fleece lined laptop compartment that accommodates up to a 15″ laptop, an internal key clip, and a fleece lined zipped compartment at the top of the bag that is perfect for protecting your sunglasses or phone.

View the Herschel Pop Quiz 15″ Laptop Backpack.

Laptop Backpacks For MacBook Pro 15"

3. The Boa Squeeze 15″ Laptop Backpack  by Booq | $169.95

Booq’s Boa Squeeze 15″ Laptop Backpack is a slim, lightweight design featuring a removable key fob to keep you organised, soft nylex lining that won’t scratch your laptop, and a 1680 denier ballistic nylon exterior with water-repellent coating. With additional features such as an ergonomic shoulder strap design that maximises comfort, and airmesh back padding that increases comfort and allows heat to escape, the Boa Squeeze packs a whole lot of goodness in to the one model and makes for an extremely durable backpack.

View the Booq Boa Squeeze 15″ Laptop Backpack.


Laptop Backpacks For MacBook Pro 15"

4. The Dry Red No.5 15″ Laptop Backpack  by Crumpler | $225.00

Whether you’re dressed up for a business trip or down for some serious holidaying, Crumpler’s Dry Red No.5 15″ Laptop Backpack is the ideal companion for the laptop-toting traveller. This multi tasking backpack features six different storage zones, a cable pouch to keep your wiring neat and tidy, and an expandable main compartment that makes for an incredibly handy feature for anyone travelling with excess baggage.

View the Crumpler The Dry Red No.5 15″ Laptop Backpack.