The Poler Field Pack Review

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The Poler Field Pack is one of Poler Stuff’s most popular backpack styles.  Featuring a minimal design and and an extremely affordable price tag, The Poler Field Pack is ideal for students and others on a smaller budget. Additional features include a padded internal laptop sleeve to offer extra protection for your gear, and an extremely handy exterior pocket for organising all your bits and bobs.

Rushfaster customer, Tagen Davies sent in a great review outlining her recent experience with the Poler Field Pack.

Thanks for the great review, Tagen. As always, it’s great to see our gear in action! – The Rushfaster Team.

Poler Field Pack

If you’ve been looking for a bag that combines functionality, style and price then the Poler Field Pack may just be the backpack you’re after. This bag is great for someone that doesn’t want to go down the Herschel path, but still appreciates durable and outdoorsy style. I carried this around for about a week and a half and these are my thoughts on the Field Pack.

Poler Field Pack

Who is it going to work for?

To be frank, this bag screams “I only camp when I go to music festivals, outside of that ‘eww dirt’”. Not to undermine the pack at all – that pretty much sums me up – I feel that this bag is more about style and less about function. It’s going to suit the student life really well and with its relatively low, $84.95 price tag, it’s a bag that can take a beating, but also won’t break your heart if you happen to lose it. I’m a big fan of bags that are just a big cavern to chuck stuff in and I seemed to like the bag most when riding my bike to different jobs around town.

Poler Field Pack

Who is it not going to work for?

If you’re the type that wears a suit more often than not, buys their fruit and vegetables in those boutique supermarkets with brown paper bags or drives a car, this bag probably won’t be something you’ll like. Unless you really like to appear like you go hiking every weekend, even though you don’t. I would also say that it’s not the greatest bag for anyone that perhaps walks to work, the straps are lacking on padding (likely due to the price point) so things can get a little scratchy in the shoulder department. That’s not to say that you can’t walk with it, I just wouldn’t want to be doing any major kilometres with it on my back.

Poler Field Pack

The Upside

So, the stuff that stood out to me when using/considering the pack included:

The price – It’s great when you can get a bag that is great quality, looks cool and doesn’t cost a fortune, it makes justifying the purchase far easier and you feel like you’re practically making money!

Colours - The Field Pack comes in an array of colour combos that definitely speak true to Poler’s Portland origins. Let’s just say the bags wouldn’t look out of place in an episode of Portlandia but hey, we’re all hipsters these days!

Easy to close – The bag has a nice piece of hardware that clips the bag shut. It has the Poler cyclopes logo on it and it’s very easy to close.

Laptop compartment - Inside the pack there is a laptop pocket that can house a 15” Macbook (I say Macbook because I doubt anyone that would purchase this bag would own a PC). I sometimes don’t take a laptop with me, and just have my iPad and notebooks, so I still appreciate having this pocket to keep everything from rattling around.

Good quality canvas – I live in Melbourne and the weather is very temperamental. I got caught in the rain a couple of times and everything stayed dry. What more could you want really?

Poler Field Pack

Poler Field Pack

The Downside

Some of the things that I didn’t like so much about this bag included:

Bag shape/Volume – Admittedly, the bag is a bit narrow in terms of its ability to expand. The bag is perfectly wide enough but there just isn’t enough depth to fit in much more than your laptop, your lunch and the other personal items that we carry with us. It’s fine in summer, but if it were winter I’d want to be able to fit my jacket/jumper in the bag and that’s probably not going to happen easily.

Straps not padded – Now given that the bag is very affordable, I’m willing to overlook this but I know for some, strap comfort is a big deal and I understand that if you’re a walker, shoulder scratching and digging isn’t fun. Part of me feels that more money has gone into emblazoning their logo on unnecessary parts of the bag and perhaps extra padding could be considered for a Field Pack 2.0.

Hard to open – I spoke about this in The Upside above, while the clasp is easy to close and really quite a nice, tactile way of closing the bag, opening it up leaves a little to be desired. You really have to get the angle right and I just found it a little annoying at times particularly if the bag is quite full.

Zip on wrong side – Now this is entirely dependent on your personal backpack use, but I did confer with other people on this and they approved my pedantic thoughts. So the single zip on the front pocket of the bag, while very easy to operate, the placement is all off. I tend to be a fan of the dual zip so you can decide which side the zip closes to, and should you be right handed (like myself) you slip the bag off your left shoulder, swing it to your right side, and then using your right hand the zip is there, ready to open. The Field Pack has it’s zip the wrong way around for me but that will make it perfect for southpaws or right-handed people that do things differently. This was just one of those things that I obviously over-analysed and feel you should know about.

Poler Field Pack

Poler Field Pack

Poler Field Pack

The Verdict
Overall, I think this bag wins out because of it’s price and looks. It’s far from an investment piece but it’s perfect if you want something a little different to carry your life in about town. This bag will withstand a lot, even if you do take it out for the occasional hike, but ultimately it’s a bag that does the job and it’s not trying to be anything more than that.

Poler Field Pack

You can find the Poler Field Pack along with the  rest of our great Poler range available at Rushfaster now.

Enjoy making videos and/or taking great photos? Want to review a bag on our blog? Contact us and we’ll send some info to help you on your way to writing the perfect review!

Water Bottles – Our Newest Catergory at Rushfaster

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water bottles

As part of our new Everyday Carry range, we’ve introduced a great selection of water bottles built specifically for different environments and activities. Unlike your average corner store water bottle, our selection of water bottles will offer a much more durable exterior meaning you won’t need to replace it as often, making it a great option for the environment.

So ditch the nasty plastic and check out a few of our latest water bottle styles below, or view our complete range of water bottles.


water bottles

1. The M8 Steel Drink Bottle  by Mizu | $29.95

Avoid contributing to the floating plastic in our oceans by investing in Mizu’s M8 Steel Drink Bottle. This lightweight 800ml reusable drink bottle is made from food grade stainless steel and is the perfect companion for your bag or desk.

View the Mizu M8 Steel Drink Bottle.


water bottles

2. The V8 Hot/Cold Drink Bottle  by Mizu | $64.95

The Mizu V8 keeps hot stuff hot for up to 12 hours and cold stuff cold for up to 18 hours. With a handy 800ml capacity, you’ll be able to enjoy a few cups of hot coffee in places you usually wouldn’t, or quench your thirst with ice cold water after a long day exploring. The V8 is BPA free and made from food grade stainless steel.

View the Mizu V8 Hot/Cold Drink Bottle.


water bottles

3. The Vida 750ml Hydration Vessel  by KOR | $34.95

KOR’s Vida Hydration Vessel features a tapered profile made of 18/8 stainless steel, and an ergonomic handle that offers maximum comfort when holding. Constructed from BPA-free and phthalate-free materials, the KOR Vida Hydration Vessel brings a whole new flare and aesthetic to the everyday water bottle.

View the KOR Vida 750ml Hydration Vessel.


water bottles

4. The Delta 750ml Hydration Vessel  by KOR | $29.95

The KOR Delta Hydration Vessel features an easy-to-open, push button cap with an ergonomic handle, and a safety latch for worry-free closure. An on-the-go bottle with a confident personality, the KOR Delta Hydration Vessel incorporates everything KOR have learned about the art of high style, high performance and hydration.

View the KOR Delta 750ml Hydration Vessel.


water bottles

5. The Square Bottle by Clean Bottle | $59.95

The Square Bottle by Clean Bottle is a revolutionary new design featuring a dual access system where you can unscrew both the top and bottom of the bottle, making for a much easier clean. And a much easier clean means you avoid needing to replace your water bottle as often - see what we mean, great for the environment!

View the Clean Bottle Square Bottle.


Women’s Wallets

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women's wallets

We have a wide range of women’s wallets, suitable for every occasion. Check out a few of our favourites below, or view our complete range here.


women's wallets

1. The Christina Women’s Wallet Olive by Stitch & Hide | 89.95

Status Anxiety’s Christina Wallet is an incredibly soft, washed leather wallet with a zip-around closure. A full featured women’s wallet, the Christina Wallet features a secure interior centre pocket, multiple currency compartments, 12 card slots, transparent ID compartment, exterior zip change pocket for easy access and a paisley print lined interior.

View the Stitch & Hide Christina Women’s Wallet Olive.


women's wallets

2. The Leather + Canvas Phone Clutch Natural by DODOcase | $89.95

Perfectly sized to fit the new iPhone 6, The Leather + Canvas Phone Clutch by DODOcase features a classic, simple and functional design for the modern lifestyle. Wonderfully constructed from American made oil tanned leather, there’s a softness that feels great in your hands and a ruggedness in its long-lasting wearability. Antique brass hardware and expert finishes give it a clean, refined appearance for storing your devices and other personal items.

View the DODOcase Leather + Canvas Phone Clutch Natural.


women's wallets

3. The Astrid Wallet Cognac Brown by Sandqvist | 179.95

The Astrid Wallet by Sandqvist is a beautifully crafted large purse wallet made from vegetable tanned leather and grey cotton lining. With a metal zipper opening, this purse has space for cash, at least 16 cards, and a separate coin pouch. A wrist strap is an added detail for ease of use.

View the Sandqvist Astrid Wallet Cognac Brown.


women's wallets

4. The Take Out Portfolio Wallet Chai by Bellroy | $129.95

The Take Out is a full size portfolio wallet that lets you organise your daily life. Day to day, the Take Out Wallet lives in your bag. But when you feel like traveling lighter, the middle section pops out, folds in half, and fits in your jeans pocket or small clutch. The leather is vegetable tanned sheep hide for an ultra soft feel, and there are loads of sections to personalise your contents.

View the Bellroy Take Out Portfolio Wallet Chai.


women's wallets

5. The Ida Wallet Red by Status Anxiety | $99.95

Status Anxiety’s Ida Wallet features a full grain pebbled leather exterior, 16 card slots, and a magnetic closer for quicker access. With a black and white pinstriped interior, the Ida Wallet by Status Anxiety is a sleek and sophisticated women’s wallet that is made to be present in to any occasion.

View the Status Anxiety Ida Wallet Red


Poler Stuff Bags

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Poler Stuff Bags

Portland based brand, Poler Stuff creates impeccably designed backpacks that cater particularly to people with an adventurous, outdoor spirit. 

Poler Stuff bags are created with outdoor use in mind. Majority of their styles are constructed from heavy duty 1000D campdura to ensure maximum durability, making them a great option if you’re looking for more than just an everyday bag.

A wide range of Poler Stuff Bags come with extremely handy features such as laptop compartments, removable side pouches, hidden zippered compartments, compression straps and more.

Check out a few of our favourite Poler Stuff bags below. You can shop our current range of Poler Stuff at Rushfaster now.


Poler Stuff Bags

1. The Rolltop 17″ Laptop Backpack  by Poler | $124.95

Constructed from 1000D Campdura, the Rolltop 17″ Laptop Backpack is an incredibly handsome design with a strong outdoor aesthetic. Featuring compression straps, a padded laptop compartment and 420D nylon interior lining, the Rolltop is the perfect Poler companion for the modern day adventurer.

View the The Poler Rolltop 17″ Laptop Backpack.


Poler Stuff Bags

2. The Rucksack 15″ Laptop Backpack  by Poler | $134.95

Poler’s Rucksack 15″ Laptop Backpack is a classic, old school design featuring a large carry capacity of 21.6L. Featuring a padded laptop compartment that can accommodate up to a 15″ laptop, and two removable side pouches that are perfect for water bottles or bits and bobs, the Rucksack doubles as not only the perfect overnight bag, but the perfect day bag too.

View the The Poler Rucksack 15″ Laptop Backpack.


Poler Stuff Bags

3. The Field Pack 15″ Laptop Backpack  by Poler | $84.95

The Field Pack 15″ Laptop Backpack makes for a perfect, no-fuss day backpack that offers a compact design with a capacity of 14.4L. Constructed from 1000D Campdura and lined with 420D nylon, the Field Pack is a small style that packs a lot of punch.

View the The Poler Field Pack 15″ Laptop Backpack.


Poler Stuff Bags

4. The Camera Cooler DSLR Camera Bag  by Poler | $99.95

The Camera Cooler DSLR Camera Bag is a dual purpose bag that offers the ability to accommodate a DSLR, Lens and other small accessories with its padded camera specific dividers. Take the dividers out and you’ve got yourself a whole new soft sided, cooler sized bag that comfortably accommodates a six pack of beer, or your lunch along with a couple of extra icy packs.

View the The Camera Cooler DSLR Camera Bag.


Poler Stuff Bags

5. The Day Pack 15″ Laptop Backpack  by Poler | $99.95

The Day Pack is a classic backpack style with a volume of 15L. Featuring a padded laptop compartment that accommodates up to 15″ laptops and two large front compartments for extra accessories, the Day Pack is a no-fuss, straightforward design, perfect if you’re after a backpack for typical day to day activities.

View the The Poler Day Pack 15″ Laptop Backpack.


Herschel Bags

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Herschel Bags

Herschel Supply Co. originally started in 2009 and has, since then, become a phenomenal success amongst backpack fanatics across the globe. Herschel’s later years have seen an array of new colours, materials and styles. However, there have only been a few classics that have been fortunate enough to have made it this far in the Herschel timeline, and if truth be told; they’re probably some of our favourite Herschel styles.

Check out some of our all time favourite Herschel bags below.


Herschel Bags

1. Heritage 15″ Laptop Backpack  by Herschel | $89.95

Herschel’s Heritage 15″ Laptop Backpack is a lightweight backpack with the addition of a synthetic leather bottom and detailing. Made with a slightly slimmer and longer cut than your run of the mill daypack, the Heritage is built to fit your silhouette. The main compartment is open and spacious enough to stash your uni books and a jumper.

View the Herschel Heritage 15″ Laptop Backpack.


Herschel Bags

2. The Little America 15″ Laptop Backpack  by Herschel | $139.95

Pulling it’s inspiration from classic mountaineering, the Little America is one of Herschel’s best selling backpacks. The bag combines a larger volume with modern functionality to produce the ultimate bag for any use.

View the Herschel Little America 15″ Laptop Backpack.


Herschel Bags

3. The Pop Quiz 15″ Laptop Backpack by Herschel | $119.95

The Herschel Pop Quiz Backpack features a padded 15.4″ laptop compartment, a fleece lined sunglass or iPhone pocket, and an additional zipped organiser pocket to keep all your essential bits and pieces in place.

View the Herschel Pop Quiz 15″ Laptop Backpack.


Herschel Bags

4. The Settlement Mid-Size 13″ Laptop Backpack  by Herschel | $89.95

This simple pack design with exposed zippers offers you a vintage style while catering to today’s modern needs. Featuring an internal key clip, an iPod pocket with a rubber grommet for your headphones, and exposed zippers with leather zip pulls, The Settlement makes for the perfect bag if you’re someone after something on the smaller side.

View the Herschel Settlement Mid-Size 13″ Laptop Backpack.


Herschel Bags

5. The Novel Canvas Duffle Bag  by Herschel | $179.95

Using heavyweight cotton canvas, the Novel Canvas duffle improves upon the durability of Herschel’s original Novel duffle. Featuring distinct full grain leather derails and Herschel’s signature show pocket, the novel Canvas is a quintessential duffle that comes equipped with an internal zippered pocket, a removable shoulder strap and an incredibly handy shoe compartment that makes the bag an ideal gym companion.

View the Herschel Novel Canvas Duffle Bag.