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Meet Shai Levy, The Man Behind Seventy Eight Percent

April 30th, 2012 in On The Net, Product NewsComments Off

Tipping the scales at the premium end of the world’s urban bag market, Hong Kong based bag label Seventy Eight Percent are a very significant new addition to our tight brand roster.

Before a brand gets added to our catalogue, there is a lot of in depth, behind the scenes research that determines if their products are right for Rushfaster to provide you with, what we consider, the best possible carry options in the world.

Our friends over at the extremely popular blog Carryology recently interviewed Shai Levy, the creator of Seventy Eight Percent. With a long history in bag design that stretches from Tel Aviv to Berlin to Hong Kong as well as building a bag for the President of the USA, I think their interesting chat shows exactly why the brand is one of our most exciting new additions in recent history.

Read the full interview here.

Shop the Seventy Eight Percent range here.

Rushfaster Welcomes Timbuk2

April 20th, 2012 in Product NewsComments Off

After a long anticipated wait, legendary messenger bag creators, Timbuk2 have finally reached Australian shores. Rushfaster is excited to now stock one of the most well-established and revered bag labels in the world.

Established in San Francisco in 1989, Timbuk2 was born from a former bike messenger seeking a more sleek and innovative designed bag; founder Rob Honeycutt wanted his bag to work for him. Over the course of 14 years, Timbuk2 has transformed from a one-man-brand to a globally recognised heavyweight, combining both functionality and fashion.

Staying true to their roots, Timbuk2 still make their bags in San Franscisco, however the products offered now range from their original tough messenger bags to laptop and iPhone cases and everything in between.

Shop the exciting Timbuk2 range, now available in Australia.

Incase Sonic Headphone: Winner Of The 2012 Red Dot Product Design Award!

April 17th, 2012 in In The Media, Product NewsNo Comments

You may have noticed from recent posts, there is some seriously intense design focus being put into the headphone market at the moment and we are all, it would seem, the benefactors.

The latest, and most exciting news from this ongoing product battle is that The Red Dot Design Awards has named the Incase Sonic Over Ear Headphones the overall Product Design winner, chosen from more than 4500 entries, which included submissions from more than 1800 companies and designers from all over the globe.

For those of you who don’t know, winning a Red Dot Product Design Award is one of the most prestigious awards any product design can achieve. To highlight the significance of Incase’s win, previous Red Dot award winners include Bose, BMW, Apple, LG, Adidas and Nokia just to name a few.

As Incase explain:

“As a recipient of the red dot award, Sonic is being celebrated for its fine design language and was deemed an inspiration to the experts on the jury panel. Featuring graceful curves and hidden joints, the seamless design of Sonic maintains smooth contours and an exceptionally clean look while taking into account biomechanics. By matching the natural shape of the ear and the head, Sonic delivers improved fit, comfort and sound isolation, reducing unwanted external noise. Sonic maintains an understated elegance while delivering a smooth and even response across the entire audio spectrum for a clear, natural sound that accurately reproduces the source audio.”

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Meet The Killer New Booq Python Camera Bag Range

April 15th, 2012 in Product News, Product ReviewsNo Comments

Leading high-end laptop bag producer Booq have just released their brand new range of Booq Python camera bags, and this time, they are focusing specifically on DSLR camera users.

The all new Booq Python camera bag range features four top of the line camera bags in total, each with a different style and size, and capable of holding a different amount of gear, depending on your specific carrying needs.

First off and the smallest of the Python camera bag gang, is the Toploader, a new take on the more traditional style camera bag. The Toploader has ample space for your DSLR (with a decent sized lens attached), and conveniently accessible pockets to stash all the usual bits and bobs you would need while out on a shoot, like your flash memory, phone etc.

Next up, and the other ‘over-the-shoulder’ style bag in the range is the Python Courier. The Courier is built to hold your camera and attached lens, and can also hold up to an additional four additional lenses, plus an iPad. The bag comes loaded with a super protective internal support system, however you can easily remove this if needed and use it as a standard messenger bag for the days you are not shooting.

The only bag from the previous series making a return is the Python Pack. Totally remodelled, and definitely the crown jewel of the range, the Pack has enough room and organisation to hold 1-2 DSLRs, up to 4 mid-size lenses, 1 large zoom lens, a tripod, your iPad and a laptop up to the size of a 15” Macbook Pro. The new model utilises side-loading openings that enable you to access your gear without needing to take the pack off entirely, making this model much more user friendly than its predecessor.

Rounding off the collection is the Python Sling. Similar to the Python Pack in capacity and organisation styling, the sling is a large, single strap bag that is worn across your body, over one shoulder. Like the Pack, it can accommodate 1-2 DSLRs, up to 4 mid-size lenses, 1 large lens (while on the camera) and a tripod, however unlike the pack, the Sling only has space for either an iPad or a laptop up to the size of a 13″ Macbook Air.

The entire new Python camera bag line feature water repellant ballistic nylon exteriors, super-thick padding for protection, and feature the standard Booq bold red lining that helps you find those memory cards that you forgot to pop in their allocated stash pockets!

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Help Kickstart The Juicetank!

April 13th, 2012 in Apple iPhone & iPad, Other Great StuffNo Comments

Here at Rushfaster, we are big fans of innovative ideas and creative start-up enterprises. When we stumbled across the Juicetank iPhone 4 proposal on Kickstarter recently we were both impressed and excited by the concept. The idea proposed is an all-in-one case and charger for your iPhone, which in itself is an idea so simple and seemingly obvious that you wonder why you didn’t think of it yourself.

I know what you’re thinking, this product may never even make it to Australia due to our quirky plug design, but we say why not pledge just a $1 to help someones dream become a reality, and in return, we may all end up with a great new product!

In the meantime, why not have a look at our extensive range of iPhone 4 & 4S cases.