Community Spotlight Project: Bede Gannon

January 18th, 2013 in Community Spotlight Project

The ongoing love and support shown to us over the years never ceases to amaze us. We feel incredibly honoured to be a part of such a great online community, and so to show some love in return we have created the Community Spotlight Project. With this series, we are going to focus on a new member of our community every week by showcasing their blog/work while at the same time, learning about what they carry and how they do it. After all, that’s what brought us all together in the first place right? This week we meet graphic designer Bede Gannon.

Q: Tell us a a little bit about yourself.
A: Heyya! Im Bede. I am 28 years young and live in Kings Cross, Sydney. I am a Graphic designer first and foremost, but I have worked as a Screen printer for the past 8 years, the last of which I studied part time at Shillington college. I grew up in southern Sydney skateboarding, drawing and listening to hip hop endlessly. Inevitably I got into graffiti and learnt how to twist letterforms and appreciate colour combinations, which I guess, led me to where I am today.

Q: Tell us a little bit about your site.
A: My site is just another way to showcase my work. Its great because anyone can look at my work and get a feel for what I’m into and who I am as a person, without ever having met me. It’s crazy when you meet someone new and they say they like your work.

Q: What inspires you to create stuff?
A: I guess everything, the world does. I get inspired walking through the city and seeing walls dripping with tags and likewise when I’m relaxing in a park filled with trees and happy dogs running about. Music would also be high on the list, as would be hanging out with mates, laughing over a few cheeky beers.

Q: What are your everyday carry essentials?
A: In terms of accessories? I guess the main things I would carry would be: My wallet, keys, phone, sunglasses, Sennheiser headphones, hat, small sketchbook and felt-tip pen.

Q: What do you look for when choosing a new bag?
A: When choosing a new bag I would look for one that catches my eye, then see if its comfortable. Thats a real deal breaker, ive had great looking bags that were uncomfortable and they just never got used. I like to sit my bag up high on my back to avoid back pain when carrying my laptop, books and other assorted paraphernalia. You want a bag that can you fit a lot into but does not look huge.

Q: Anything else you would like to add, projects you are working on?
A: Right now, my main priority is looking for more design work! So if you know someone…….haha. Besides that, I have been spending my time fleshing out my portfolio, designing websites and posters. I am also helping a good friend to design a charity website called which is basically a site where artists can donate designs and artwork that will get produced as prints and tee’s and then sold, with 100% of the profits going to cancer research, so take a look! Oh and thankyou to my lovely girl, Nicolien, for holding it down while I studied and worked full time last year. She also has a blog!

Thanks Bede, we look forward to seeing more of your work in the future!

Do you have a blog, website or project that you would like to share too? Send us a link via twitter @rushfaster or and we’ll take a look!

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