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Crumpler Pleasure Dome Camera Bag

September 21st, 2014 in Other Great Stuff, Product NewsNo Comments

Crumpler Pleasure Dome

The Crumpler Pleasure Dome is a great bag for anyone looking to protect their camera when they don’t need to lug around the entire kitchen sink.

Designed for use as a protective pouch for your camera the Crumpler Pleasure Dome features a compact clam shell opening for quick and easy access.

Available in two handy sizes, the small size is perfect for Compact System Cameras (aka micro 4/3rds), while the medium size suits small DSLR’s or compact video cameras. The Crumpler Pleasure Dome also features a configurable main compartment, weather resistant materials and plush lining. Carry it over your shoulder with the adjustable shoulder strap, or remove the strap and pop it inside your regular bag for camera protection on the move.

If you’re after a simple yet effective camera bag that will offer your hardware the protection and care that it deserves, the Crumpler Pleasure Dome will certainly do the trick.

Please note: The video demonstration above features the Crumpler Pleasure Dome in the medium size.

Shop the Crumpler Pleasure Dome and other great Crumpler camera bags at Rushfaster.

Crumpler Million Dollar Home Camera Bag

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Crumpler Million Dollar Home

The Crumpler Million Dollar Home is an over-the-shoulder style camera bag designed to meet the specific needs of photo enthusiasts.

With features aplenty, the Crumpler Million Dollar Home has easy access mesh pockets, a zipped rear pocket, side cargo straps and a weather resistant design. The Crumpler Million Dollar Home range spans in size, beginning with the 3 Million Dollar Home and going right up to the largest of the series in the 7 Million Dollar Home. This means that it doesn’t matter if you need to carry just a single Compact System Camera and an extra lens, or if you need to haul a full body DSLR standard lens, 70/200mm lens, a trip-pod, flash and accessories, you’re bound to find a Crumpler Million Dollar Home camera bag sized to suit your specific needs perfectly.

Please note: The video demonstration above features the 5 Million Dollar Home bag.

So what’s so good about the Crumpler Million Dollar Home then? Perhaps a run through of  some the common features found in the Million Dollar Home range will help, explained in true Crumpler style:


Lurking behind the bag’s velcro fastener is a matching velcro silencer flap. Pull it out. Press it in position. Open and close on the QT, then lock down with the side release compression straps. Ssshhhhimple!


To ensure you can put in lots of gear, Crumpler first put in lots of thought. That’s why the main compartment features configurable brushed padded nylon dividers with fold down flaps and why the dual zone front pocket features gusseted sides.


The more gear you carry, the more you need a wide shoulder strap to distribute its weight – and the more you’ll appreciate the Million Dollar Home’s soft but strong flamed polypropylene webbing straps. Complete with tri-glide buckle system, it will go to almost any lengths to help you get that great shot.


Cushioned with neoprene for maximum comfort, the ergonomically styled carry handle is shaped to match the natural contours of your hand and fingers.


Dedicated accessory loops let you attach other photo-gidgetry and gadgetry for instant access.


Be it rain, hail, sleet, snow, beer or mixed drinks, the bag’s 900D outer and curved flap are designed to weather the storm and keep your equipment dry.


The 900D outer and brushed padded nylon interior combine phenomenal strength with exceptional smoothness and malleability. Your clothes don’t catch. Your equipment don’t get scratched.


Designed to outlast its lifetime guarantee, the bag features a super strength water resistant 900D outer, flamed polypropylene webbing, triple strength S-Bend webbing attachment, injection moulded velcro and bonded nylon thread with bar tack stitching on all stress points.

The Crumpler Million Dollar Home range is available to buy in black and a few seasonal colours at Rushfaster now.


Crumpler Haven Camera Bag

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Crumpler Haven

Love photography but loathe lugging around a dedicated camera bag? Keep your gear in The Crumpler Haven,  a very handy multi-use camera bag.

Working like a portable padded protector for all things photographic, the Crumpler Haven camera bag instantly turns any bag into a camera bag and back again with pick up, plonk down ease. Available in three sizes, the small Crumpler Haven suits a Compact System Camera, the medium Crumpler Haven is designed to hold a DSLR twin lens kit and the large Crumpler Haven is designed to fit a DSLR twin lens kit and flash or a full frame body and lens. If you’re after a camera bag that offers simplicity along with durability, then the Crumpler Haven is definitely worth checking out.

What sets the Crumpler Haven apart from other camera bags? We doubt you’ll have many questions remaining after a run through the Haven’s features:


The Haven bags feature a fully configurable main compartment with two velcro mounting slimline dividers and five exterior mesh pockets for cables, filters, memory cards and lens caps.


A drawstring with cord lock ensures fast opening and secure, gap-free closure.


The Haven’s base, sides and internal dividers are all padded. When closed, the sides fold inwards at the top, creating 360 degree protection.


Although designed to sit inside other bags, the Haven outer is made from water resistant materials for both added protection, or in the case you want to use it as a stand alone bag. The exterior mesh pockets, however, are not.


Crumpler construct the Haven with ultra durable materials and reinforce the joining and/or stitching on all stress points. That’s why it carries their famous lifetime guarantee.

Shop all three sizes of the Crumpler Haven in a variety of colours now at Rushfaster.

Crumpler Camera Bags – For People Who Know How To Live

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Crumpler Camera Bags

Since their inception in 1992, the principles behind the Crumpler camera bags pattern have remained the same – simplicity, a willingness to experiment, original design, and a determination to make the best bags possible for ‘people who know how to live’.

Considering that ‘people who know how to live’ often carry a camera with them wherever they go, it’s no surprise that Crumpler place a strong focus on their camera bags. Crumpler camera bags are not only built for photographers, but photographers that are also adventurers, riders, designers, makers, thinkers and doers. Crumpler camera bags will not only assist in giving your gear the best protection possible, but they will do so at the same time as offering a markedly pleasing aesthetic, and an incredibly clean finish. And what more could you want in a camera bag?



The precious digital things you carry are as important to Crumpler as they are to you, so it’s safe to say that are Crumpler camera bag is going to be your cameras best friend when it comes to durability and support. Where techno-porting is concerned, each of their specially designed camera bags will cushion shock and protect from inclement weather or spills, giving you the peace of mind that your cameras, laptops and tablets are safe and sound. Need extra assurance? Crumpler back all this up with their famous lifetime warranty.

Crumpler Camera Bags


Crumpler are photographers that make bags for anyone that needs to carry and use camera gear while being organised at the same time. Everything is considered and thought out meticulously when a Crumpler camera bag is designed. No superfluous features, only useful and justified carry solutions. This ensures that there is a camera bag in their range that suits every level photographer needing to carry, protect and have quick access to their specific gear.

Crumpler Camera Bags


Being Melbourne bred, the guys at Crumpler know the need to be prepared for a solid, unexpected drenching. Each Crumpler camera bag is made fit for purpose, and all fabrics used have a weatherproof coating – including the lining. If it claims to be weatherproof, rest assured it’s a hard-earned title.

Looking for a new camera bag? Try a Crumpler camera bag! Shop the full range of a Crumpler bags at Rushfaster.

Incase Toploading DSLR Case Review

May 22nd, 2014 in Product ReviewsNo Comments

San Francisco based tech-lifestyle bag designers Incase make bags that run the excruciatingly fine line of form/function like nobody else in their category does.

We love the thoughtfulness that goes into their product features and functionality, which paired with a minimal design aesthetic, complements both the electronic devices we use on a day to day basis, as well as our own lifestyles perfectly.

Rushfaster customer and professional photographer Ben Allan has sent in this great review of his Incase Toploading DSLR Case, a favourite go-to camera case for photographers of all levels that like extra mobility.

Thanks for sharing your great review & photos Ben! – The Rushfaster Team

Imagine – you’re a photographer out on assignment in a new city. You have your gear neatly squeezed into your Incase DSLR Pro Pack, as well as your lighting roller bag and you’re ready to work. But when you’re finished with work, and its time to play, you don’t want to be carrying around 2 bodies, 5 lenses and lighting gear to explore the city and take a few shots along the way – enter the Incase Toploading DSLR Case (pictured).

The Toploading DSLR Case is a minimalist Incase camera bag. It’s a simple, single body, single lens carry case that is comfortable to wear, functional and will protect your gear. Like all Incase products, the build quality of this bag is exceptional. The black ‘heathered’ exterior is both durable and classically stylish, and doesn’t show every scuff the bag is likely to get as it is worn on your adventures. The fleece lining on the interior will protect your camera, and it is adequately padded to ensure your gear stays protected.

Something that may seem trivial, but is always important to me, is the length of the shoulder strap, and the Incase DSLR Case has plenty of room to move. I’m no stick creature, and this case was comfortable to wear all day, providing enough length to allow the case to sit close to my hip where it was most comfortable. Functionally, this case is well designed and provides everything you need quickly and easily. The main compartment comes with a divider that can be arranged to accommodate a variety of needs, and will comfortably fit most kit zoom lenses, as well as a speed light or lens hood. Although if you have a professional grade zoom lens this may not be the case for you, as the length of the case won’t allow for a set up any longer than around 8 inches (20cm), so your 70-200mm f2.8 will have to stay at home, as will your battery grip; My D800 with 24 – 120mm f4 fits snuggly, although you wouldn’t want a lens that was any bigger.

The top pocket provides enough room for some essentials; spare batteries, filters, lens cloth and other small objects. A nice little addition is the small front pocket, which I found useful for small documents such as maps and guides while you’re out and about.

So is this your only DSLR case? I’d suggest not – unless you have only one lens and very few accessories. Instead, this case is the perfect companion to a bigger carrying solution. See it perhaps as the little brother to your Incase DSLR Pro Pack (pictured with for comparison), which you take out and about on short trips. It loves outings to the Zoo, a stroll around town, going to the park with your kids and your second cousins niece’s third birthday party.

This is the lightweight, well built and easy to use “just need the camera” case you have been searching for.

The Incase Toploading DSLR Case is available in Black Heather at Rushfaster now.

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