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Meet The Killer New Booq Python Camera Bag Range

April 15th, 2012 in Product News, Product ReviewsNo Comments

Leading high-end laptop bag producer Booq have just released their brand new range of Booq Python camera bags, and this time, they are focusing specifically on DSLR camera users.

The all new Booq Python camera bag range features four top of the line camera bags in total, each with a different style and size, and capable of holding a different amount of gear, depending on your specific carrying needs.

First off and the smallest of the Python camera bag gang, is the Toploader, a new take on the more traditional style camera bag. The Toploader has ample space for your DSLR (with a decent sized lens attached), and conveniently accessible pockets to stash all the usual bits and bobs you would need while out on a shoot, like your flash memory, phone etc.

Next up, and the other ‘over-the-shoulder’ style bag in the range is the Python Courier. The Courier is built to hold your camera and attached lens, and can also hold up to an additional four additional lenses, plus an iPad. The bag comes loaded with a super protective internal support system, however you can easily remove this if needed and use it as a standard messenger bag for the days you are not shooting.

The only bag from the previous series making a return is the Python Pack. Totally remodelled, and definitely the crown jewel of the range, the Pack has enough room and organisation to hold 1-2 DSLRs, up to 4 mid-size lenses, 1 large zoom lens, a tripod, your iPad and a laptop up to the size of a 15” Macbook Pro. The new model utilises side-loading openings that enable you to access your gear without needing to take the pack off entirely, making this model much more user friendly than its predecessor.

Rounding off the collection is the Python Sling. Similar to the Python Pack in capacity and organisation styling, the sling is a large, single strap bag that is worn across your body, over one shoulder. Like the Pack, it can accommodate 1-2 DSLRs, up to 4 mid-size lenses, 1 large lens (while on the camera) and a tripod, however unlike the pack, the Sling only has space for either an iPad or a laptop up to the size of a 13″ Macbook Air.

The entire new Python camera bag line feature water repellant ballistic nylon exteriors, super-thick padding for protection, and feature the standard Booq bold red lining that helps you find those memory cards that you forgot to pop in their allocated stash pockets!

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Watch The Incase Ari Marcopoulos Camera Bag

October 19th, 2011 in Product NewsNo Comments

Incase have partnered with renowned photographer Ari Marcopoulos to create this LIMITED EDITION camera bag that meets his exacting standards. As a veteran photographer whose work takes him across the globe to a variety of locales and climates, a durable yet comfortable bag is a must. The result of this particular design challenge is a low-profile bag with optimal weather resistance, long-wearing comfort, excellent protection and functional features that allow Ari to access his equipment as quickly as possible, never missing a shot.

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